NYC Council to hold Rikers hearing, Gov. Hochul looks at how the state can help improve conditions – CBS New York

According to CBS New York, since December, ten individuals have died in jail, and several legislators have detailed filthy and cruel circumstances there. The New York City Council on criminal justice will convene on Wednesday.

De Blasio outlines a safety policy for Rikers Island after a wave of violence. At the gathering, lawyer Jumaane Williams was scheduled to speak. When it comes to circumstances, he is one of those that raises the alarm. Many individuals informed us that they were contemplating suicide due to the stress.

His style of thinking isn’t the only way to look at things. Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, was added to the list last night. I have already given my employees instructions on how we can play a part in eliminating the issue,” she added.

According to the “Less is More Act” enacted by the state legislature, probationers should not be incarcerated for long periods. There are more probation breaches in New York than anyplace else in the United States.

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