Severe Storms Threaten Nyc Area Tuesday: Raging Winds, Lightning, Hail Possible

Potentially extreme climate threatens the tri-state location once more Tuesday with thunderstorms and unfavorable winds. It will drop the temperature…

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According to Climate Scientists, Extreme Temps Are Anticipated to Last Until the Fall

The West’s drought is projected to spread east, impacting virtually all of Texas and Oklahoma. Lake Oroville is at a…

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In Flood-Ravaged Louisiana, Nicholas Threatens Further Damage

Tropical Storm Ida This week, Hurricane Nicholas dumped torrential rain across sections of Louisiana, raising the risk of significant flooding…

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Rose, the Third Tropical Storm Is Forecast to Dissipate

According to forecasts, Tropical Cyclone Warning Rose, one of several storms that have formed in past days, is likely to…

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New York Weather – 7 Days Forecast That Matters

The last few days in New York have seen changes in the weather. Every day brings with it a new…

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