New York Weather – 7 Days Forecast That Matters

The last few days in New York have seen changes in the weather. Every day brings with it a new adventure, sometimes full sunshine, and sometimes primarily cloudy weather.

Here is the weather forecast for the next seven days, and the changes taking place in them. So that you can either prolong your plans of time or take a vacation and enjoy the beautiful changes of the season.

Here’s the seven days Forecast of New York:

Sat 18 85°/66°


Partly Cloudy
Sun 19 78°/62°


Mon 20 75°/64°


Partly Cloudy
Tues 21 74°/68°


Mostly Cloudy
Wed 22 74°/62°


Thurs 23 70°/56°




Friday 24 70°/58°


Mostly Sunny

This graph indicates the next seven days and the weather on those days, and we know that Saturday can be the best weekend to spend in the shadows of the clouds. A new sun will be waiting for you on Sunday. Of course, this weekend is worth spending at City Boasts 14 Miles of Beaches 14 with your family.

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