The Shocking Incident: Livery Driver Stabbed in Attempted Robbery on FDR Drive

Attempted Robbery on FDR Drive

The shocking incident of the liver driver stabbed in an attempted robbery on FDR Drive has prevailed around the air of NYC. It is horrendous to know how the robber went ahead in a crowded place and attempted robbery on FDR Drive.

Still, if you want to know more about the incident, you have come to the right place. Today, in this blog, we will try to explore the details of the stabbing and attempted robbery on FDR Drive. 

Hence, stick with us to know more about it:

Stabbing and Attempted Robbery on FDR Drive

It started with a man being in custody for stabbing another one at FDR Drive on Tuesday. However, it all started after the livery driver attempted robbery and carjacking. 

Furthermore, the incident happened on the southbound side of the FDR Drive approaching the Manhattan Bridge exit. It was around 2:40 pm.

The suspect was seen to be a rideshare passenger in a black Tesla. He tried to hijack the car. However, when the driver refused, the passenger stabbed him thrice. Unfortunately, the vehicle crashed into the New Jersey barrier. 

Eye witness Reporting

Moreover, one of the motorists, also a construction worker, was seen in a neon-yellow shirt. He was in a car near-ended by the Tesla. According to him, the suspect first hitchhiked but later tried to carjack other motorists. 

“He start to get into somebody else’s car. But he couldn’t actually get into somebody else’s car,” witness Sergio Valvovates said. “Then he start fight with the driver trying to take over the car. So, when I came, I tried to scare him away.”

The guy can be seen wandering on the FDR before jumping out the back window of a white vehicle at one point.

The driver abruptly stops, the suspect exits, approaches the cliff, and drops a black bag.

The suspect is seen on video dangling off the edge before plummeting from the FDR several stories down onto a bike path below.

Suspect and Victim

Moreover, after the fall, the suspect broke both legs and was taken into custody till further notice. However, the driver was in critical condition. He was also sent to Bellevue Hospital.

Mariano Belez further adds that he stayed with the bloodied driver until the help arrived. 

The New York Federation of Taxi Drivers’ Fernando Mateo visited his driver preparing for surgery at Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday evening.

He claims that this type of lunacy still attacks cab and ride-sharing drivers.

“There are people who have the need to feed off of others, those are the people that do these kinds of things,” he said. “To do it on the FDR Drive on an overpass and then jump off, is insane.”

It’s still unclear why the suspect was walking on the FDR Drive NYC, to begin with.

However, the investigation is ongoing, so we never know what will come to light. 


The stabbing and attempted robbery on FDR Drive is a rather bizarre incident that is hard to wrap around the head. However, we cannot make any claims until the investigation occurs. We pray for both parties for justice to be served. 


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