Pascal Siakam is aware of the rumors, but he is still confident in his ability to lead

Siakam was on a roll in the fall of 2019. He’d recently ended his third NBA finals and was already well on his path towards becoming a basketball legend in Canada. He had successfully assisted Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry in leading the Toronto Raptors with their first victory. Siakam was given a hefty contract renewal, granting him the stature of a hero — at least monetarily. That following, he was named from his first professional All-Star squad due to the Raptors’ faith in him.

He is a Cameroonian who began playing basketball at the age of seventeen and spent years at New Mexico University before being drafted late in the first round by the Raptors. He has had an astonishing rise.

Now, Siakam, 27, is being questioned about his ability for a long-term mainstay in Toronto. He faltered last season. Due to epidemic visa restrictions, the Raptors, who’d been leading candidates only a few months ago, were among the poorest teams in the NBA, hosting their league matches in Florida. Siakam’s performance was much below that of a star. Siakam’s situation was made worse when he developed Covid-19, which caused him to drop 20 pounds. Then, in March, there was a post-match brawl with Coach Nick Nurse over Siakam’s dissatisfaction with loss.

Siakam’s performance has been improved in the last weeks of the season, but he was sidelined by an injury that necessitated surgery and put a stop to his season.

Siakam revealed in a recent conversation, “I never really had surgical procedure previously.” “I’m African; if anything, my mother would attempt to offer me a home treatment or whatever to cure any of it.”

Trade speculations have swirled around Siakam, but the Raptors’ head of player personnel, Masai Ujiri, as well as Siakam’s agent, Todd Ramasar, have publicly dismissed them. Siakam said he intends to stay in Toronto protracted in a phone interview from L.A., where he is recovering from his injuries, but confessed that he would have some problems with management after obtaining the contract renewal. He also spoke about his treatment, connection with the Raptors, and Lowry’s move to Miami.

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