A Look At Monadnock Construction’s Proposed 22-Story Mixed-Use Tower On 155 3rd Street, Brooklyn

155 3rd Street

Are you ready to witness the latest addition to Brooklyn’s impressive skyline? Monadnock Construction has proposed a 22-story mixed-use tower on 155 3rd Street, and it is set to be one of the most iconic landmarks in the borough. 

This innovative project promises a perfect blend of luxury residential units, retail space, and community amenities to elevate living standards. 

The proposed Tower boasts breathtaking views of Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking urban convenience with an upscale lifestyle. 

Join us as we take a closer look at this groundbreaking development by Monadnock Construction!

Monadnock Construction’s History

Monadnock Construction is one of the oldest and most well-respected construction firms in New York City. Founded in 1881, Monadnock has a long history of building some of the city’s most iconic structures, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building.

More recently, Monadnock has been behind some of NYC’s most notable mixed-use developments, such as Hudson Yards and Brooklyn’s Pier 6. The firm proposes a new mixed-use tower on 155 3rd Street in Brooklyn that would be taller than the Empire State Building.

The proposed Tower would stand 1,000 feet tall and include residential units, retail space, and office space. The project is still in the early stages of development, but it has already generated much excitement from the community and the construction industry.

We can’t wait to see what Monadnock comes up with next!

155 3rd Street

Site History

155 3rd Street in Brooklyn becomes home to a top-notch tower. The Tower would be 22 stories tall and include residential, retail, and office space. The project is still in the early stages of development, and no construction timeline has been announced yet.

Monadnock Construction is a New York-based firm specializing in high-rise residential and commercial construction. 

The firm has completed several notable projects in the New York City area, including the Trump World Tower and One57. Moreover, their dedication and commitment to this project encourage rapid growth. Undoubtedly, it will be another huge success awaiting the future. 

The Proposed 22-Story Tower

Furthermore, the proposed 22-story Tower on 155 3rd Street in Brooklyn was said to be a mixed-use tower with retail, office, and residential space. This is done to accommodate the majority of residents for whatever use. The idea was to cater to the people’s commercial and residential needs in the same place.

Furthermore, the Tower would be located next to the company’s existing headquarters and include a public plaza at its base. It holds something for everyone to provide maximum room for commercial and residential success.

Therefore, the Tower’s ground floor would contain approximately 5,000 square feet of retail space and access to the public plaza. The plaza would feature landscaping, seating, and public art.

Moreover, the Tower’s upper floors would contain office space for Monadnock Construction and other tenants. The project’s residential component would comprise approximately 30 rental units on the Tower’s top two floors. 

Hence, the residential units would have access to a rooftop terrace with views of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Further Insights about the Tower:

The 155 3rd Street Tower proposal is still in the early stages, and no renderings have been released yet. However, the company said the Tower would be cast-in-place concrete with brick facades. The building would also have floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces on some upper floors.

The proposal has generated controversy, as some residents worry that the Tower will block views and cast shadows over the neighborhood. Adding new residential and commercial space will enhance the area’s vibrancy and help revitalize 3rd Street.

What do you think about Monadnock Construction’s proposal? Would it be good for Brooklyn?


When it comes to the designer, this Tower is in safe hands. 

Studio Gang Architects, a Chicago-based architecture firm known for its innovative and sustainable designs, designed the Tower. They are renowned for many globally recognized projects that have gained immense recognition.

Hence, The facade of the building, made up of scalloped concrete elements that create a unique pattern, reflects their immense creativity.

Moreover, The design intends to reflect Downtown Brooklyn’s character and create a sense of community.

The Design

Talking about the design of the Tower is spectacular. This craftsmanship and creativity are visible in the eye-catching attire and unique design. 

Moreover, the area’s industrial history inspires the Tower’s design and features a brick façade with metal accents. Additionally, the ground floor will be retail space, followed by offices and residential units on the upper floors. 

Monadnock is currently working with the NYC Department of City Planning on the project, which is still in the early stages of development.

The Location of the Tower

The proposed Tower will be located at 11 Hoyt Street, in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. The site is currently a parking lot bounded by Livingston Street to the north, Elm Place to the east, and Hoyt Street to the west.


The skyscraper will stand 22 stories or about 620 feet. It will be one of Downtown Brooklyn’s highest structures.


This Tower’s purpose is solely to provide maximum ease and comfort to the city’s people. Therefore, the Tower will serve various purposes. The goal would be to cover all residential, business, and communal facilities. 

Moreover, many residential units, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments, will be present. 

Furthermore, a public school accommodating pupils in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade is also part of the skyscraper. 

Lastly, the first four stories of the structure will house the school that will accommodate many students primarily focusing on their education. 

The amenities the Tower will offer

When completed, the Tower will stand as one of the tallest mixed-use towers in Brooklyn. The building will offer a mix of residential, office, and retail space and a public plaza at its base. The Tower’s amenities will include the following:

-A state-of-the-art fitness center

-A rooftop terrace with stunning views of Manhattan and Brooklyn

-A Residents’ Lounge with a kitchen and dining area

-An outdoor courtyard

-24/7 concierge service

Potential Impact

  1. Potential Impact

Monadnock Construction’s proposed -story mixed-use Tower on 155 3rd Street in Brooklyn has the potential to impact the local community significantly. The project would include retail, office, and residential units near several schools and community centers.

If constructed, the Tower would be one of the area’s tallest buildings and provide much-needed new development in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

The project has generated significant interest and controversy among locals, with some residents eager for the new jobs and economic opportunities the development would bring and others concerned about the potential for increased traffic and congestion in the area.

The proposal is currently under review by the city’s Planning Commission, and a decision is anticipated within the next few months.

Community Feedback

When it comes to construction projects, community feedback is crucial. After all, these people will live with the project’s results once completed. Monadnock Construction takes community feedback seriously when planning any new construction project – including their proposed mixed-use Tower on 3rd Street in Brooklyn.

During the planning process, Monadnock contacted residents and business owners to gather their input on the project. They also held a public meeting to present their plans and gather feedback. They changed their original methods based on what they heard from the community.

For example, they initially proposed a 20-story tower, but based on feedback from the community, they reduced it to 16 stories. They also changed the mix of uses in the building, adding more retail space and reducing the number of residential units. And they added some features that will make the building more energy-efficient and sustainable.

In response to feedback from the community, Monadnock made all of these changes. The company is committed to ensuring that its projects meet the needs and wants of those living with them – a principle evident in its approach to this mixed-use Tower on 3rd Street in Brooklyn.


Monadnock Construction’s proposed 22-story mixed-use Tower is an excellent example of the exciting developments in Brooklyn. The project would bring hundreds of jobs and new housing options to the area, providing much-needed economic stimulus and growth opportunities. 

Although some details still require ironing out before construction can commence, it is evident it has the undeniable potential to transform 155 3rd Street into one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after destinations.

With its modern design and contemporary amenities, this could soon become one of New York City’s premier locations!


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