After Confirming Domestic Abuse Charges, a Judge in New Jersey Has Been Suspended for One Month

A New Jersey judge was suspended after making the statements for insinuating that males are “in control” of a domestic violence accusation. The California Supreme Court recently stated that it has agreed to a panel’s recommendation that Municipal Presiding Judge Steven Brister be suspended for 30 days, beginning September 22.

Brister informed the man that males aren’t the same as women “You can’t punch or strike if you can’t punch. You treat them as if you’re holding a feather at best to let them know you’re the boss and in command. “In 2019, the panel wrote.

According to the panel, Brister, who has worked in East Orange and Newark, told the man that men “can’t push, can’t threaten.” To let them know you’re the boss, you treat them as if you’re holding a fluff at most.”

According to the panel, the remarks violated conduct norms, insulted women, and might create discrimination. According to the study, Brister allowed his religious beliefs to influence his judicial duty since he described women as being made “with the curve of Adam’s rib.” Brister didn’t dispute the assertions in a follow-up reply to the committee’s conclusions, calling them “well-intentioned but incorrect.” A solicitor who represents Brister received an email asking for a comment on Friday.

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