Gabby Petito Was a Murder Victim, but the Details of Her Postmortem Are Unknown; FBI Prime Suspect is Off-Grid

A Wyoming county prosecutor concluded a day ago that Gabby Petito was murdered by someone else after the bones discovered in Grand Teton National Park over the week were verified to be those of the abducted 22-year-old Nyc woman. However, police have stated that a major issue about how she died remains unanswered pending additional investigation.

Another crucial issue remains: where is her 23-year-old fiancée Brian Laundrie, the FBI’s top suspect? He has been missing for almost a week after informing his family he was going for a trek in a large wildlife park.

North Port police used a fresh method to search the 25,000-acre area on Tuesday, and they returned on Wednesday to resume their search. Nothing has been discovered during a weekend investigation of the Carlton Area, yet nothing is discovered when police resumed their investigation this week.

To help their search, officials are employing helicopters, drones, dogs, and highly armed cops in all-terrain equipment. The hunt region is submerged for about 75% of the time, and it is believed to be snakes and croc populated. Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are responding. Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to call the FBI or use its online tip program.

Laundry and Petito had been residing with his family before embarking on a bridge road trip in a van early this month. On September 1, he returned home in the vehicle. He remained under his own. Petito’s mother stated her abduction 10 days later after the relatives became anxious they hadn’t seen her.

Officers seized a hard drive first from a van and have been given the authority to investigate it for possible evidence related to her case. There haven’t been any updates on their conclusions yet, at least not officially. FBI investigators came to the Laundrie family’s home the previously next week to execute yet another warrant issued. They took numerous boxes away and hauled away from a vehicle that Laundrie’s mom was supposed to drive.

After learning of the coroner’s report, the Laundrie parents issued a brief statement Tuesday saying simply, “May Gabby Rest peacefully.” Before the coroner’s findings, which was anticipated to confirm her identification, an attorney for the Petito parents said the parents will grieve quietly and release a formal declaration.

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