Jen Psaki’s Turn at the Lectern: No More Bully Pulpit

“Jen has chosen to speak up and call my credentials and commitment to this country into question. Mr. Spicer stated, “Once she has done it, the gloves were withdrawn.” (When Mr. Spicer was chastised for referring to Nazi death camps as “Holocaust centers” in 2017, Ms. Psaki was more gracious.) She reportedly Told at the time, “It’s a tough job, everyone shit.”

In response, Mr. Biden chastised Ms. Psaki for using the business phrase “R&D” – research & innovation, urging her to avoid acronyms and other official jargon. Biden, contrary President, does not typically watch press briefings in real-time. Still, he has been known to take up snippets of cable news.

She also admitted to a couple of blunders, including a debut appearance. She appeared to disparage President Trump’s new military wing, the Space Force. To recall the effect of her comments, she now puts a Space Force pin on her desk. (Without the typical protective jacket on her desk, the White House press secretary was accused of disrespect; it vanished in January.)

Mr. Biden isn’t precisely a cautious speaker. (It isn’t a precision instrument, as Mr. Axelrod said once.) Ms. Psaki’s primary obligation is to interpret and, in some cases, tidy up her remarks for the record, a task that has become exceedingly challenging in recent months.

On the day of Mr. Biden’s hiring, Rahm, who has served with Ms. Psaki on the Democrat campaign and suggested her to the Obama team, texted Ron Klain, Mr. Biden’s chief of staff. “I told you that you’ll be counting your blessings in the days ahead because you made that call,” he stated. “You won’t have to be concerned about what’s going on in here.”

Mr. Emanuel said that he was also involved in Ms. Psaki’s personal affairs. He likes to brag about how he persuaded his future spouse, Gregory Mecher, a fellow Democratic staffer, to join him in the election period. (He referred to himself as Mr. Mecher’s “wingman” at the time.) The pair tied the knot in 2010.

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