A $432 Million Jackpot Ticket Was Sold in a Manhattan Pizza

A $432 million Mega Millions reward was won on an item sold at a Manhattan restaurant. And per the NY Lottery, the sole winning tickets were bought at Pronto Pizza on Tuesday.

36-41-45-51-56 are the winning tickets. . The Powerball jackpot was sold Tuesday evening, according to David Khirala, proprietor of Pronto Pizzeria, whose lotto machine was quite busy Wednesday afternoon. And per the NY Lotteries, Khirala is compensated $10,000 for marketing the ticket.

Whoever bought the ticket defied the odds and is now well on their road to becoming a leader in the luxury crust. The single payment prize is $312 million, or $191.5 million following tax if the winner gets it. The prize was so large since it hasn’t been won even though a Powerball jackpot was sold in Illinois in June, according to the lottery. As a result of New York’s victory, the jackpot for the next lottery, which will be held on Friday, will be fixed to $20 million.

Nevertheless, with Wednesday evening’s Lotto draw worth $490 million, there’s a potential of an even greater jackpot before the first.

The enormous victory marks the State’s 2nd Jackpot prize recipient this year.

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