A New York Entrepreneur, Robert Durst, Was Convicted of the Crime of His Closest Friend

On Friday, a court of Los Angeles convicted Robert Durst suspected of murdering his best friend two decades ago, in a case that resurfaced when the Wealthy Estate Agents heir featured on a show linked to his wife’s 1982 disappearance.

Susan Berman was shot in her apartment. Durst, 78, was found guilty of the very first murder in 2000, just as she was ready to tell police how she attempted to cover up his wife’s death.

Durst could be heard mumbling to himself in a lavatory on a live mic: “That is all there is to it. You’ve been found out.”

Durst’s decision to testify in his defense backfired when he made damning statements and had his life ruined when the prosecution questioned him.

The judgment represents a victory for authorities who had been attempting to imprison Durst for murder in three different states. Durst was never charged with kidnapping his wife. He provided so many plot twists that Disney couldn’t resist making a full film about his career, which resulted in a new proof of Berman’s killing being discovered.

Berman met Durst during her study period and had financial troubles at the time. He’d given her $50,000 and given her authority.

Durst claimed it was an accident. Durst was convicted after claiming that the 71-year-old was killed in a gunfight. Durst then disassembled and dumped Black’s body into the ocean. By tossing away the body parts, he was found guilty of evidence destruction.

Despite being convicted of killing, Durst thought that “All Good Things,” a 2010 feature film based on his life starring Ryan and Dunst as Kathie, provided a succinct description of him. He simply objected because he would never intentionally murder his dog.

He contacted the movie producer to participate in a documentary’s longer interviews. He encouraged his friends to do the same, and he gave media access to crates of his paperwork.

Journalists presented him with a statement he had written to Berman over a year ago. Each had similar penmanship, with Beverly Hills misspelled as “Beverley.” He was unable to distinguish between the two.

“Killed them all, obviously,” Durst mumbled into a live mike in the bathroom as the movie drew to a close.
During 14 days of statements, Durst denied murdering his wife and Berman.

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