How to get Cheap one-way Car rentals in New York?

Rental vehicle rates have increased due to changes in travel patterns brought on by the epidemic. However, you can still have a bargain. The return of the road trip is one of the most significant changes in travel since the COVID-19 epidemic. 

However, given the strong demand, fewer rental automobiles may be available. Unsurprisingly, the cost of renting a car is at an all-time high — and that’s assuming you can even get one.

The good news is that renting a one-way car can consume only some of your holiday budget.

How to get Cheap one-way Car rentals?

Just because one rental company charges a $250 drop fee for a one-way rental from New York to New Jersey doesn’t imply they all do. 

Unlike larger firms like Avis, Hertz, and National, smaller budget providers occasionally offer significantly reduced drop fees.

Several businesses offer one-way rental specials, which can drastically lower your expenditures.

For instance, several companies offer deals during specific periods of the year that allow you to travel from Florida to New York (or vice versa) for just a few dollars each day.

Additionally, many businesses provide discounts on one-way rentals between downtown sites and an airport, which occasionally is even more affordable than taking a cab.

Why Hire a One-Way Car?

Forget about bringing your rental automobile back to its starting point. Renting a car will allow you to travel farther and explore at your speed without going back. Fly to a starting point, take in the broad road, and then give back your one-way rental car to your destination.

Why select just one place when there are so many options? Consider renting a car from Boston for one trip so you can travel via New York City and down to Washington, D.C. Other well-traveled one-way roads

In case of last-minute changes in plans, like canceled or delayed flights, one-way vehicle rentals are fantastic as well, whether you want to drive across town, across the nation, or enjoy a little more freedom.

Is renting a car in New York City worth it?

There are many parking garages and metered spots available for you to pick from while searching for parking for rented cars in New York. Parking in New York City might seem challenging due to how crowded it is.

New York is a bustling metropolis with a reputation for having several congested areas on its major thoroughfares, including the Whitestone Expressway and the Hutchinson Parkway.

Avoid driving your New York vehicle rental in the mornings and evenings when traffic is typically the worst.

It is simple to visit some of the well-known destinations near New York with the help of car rentals, such as Cold Spring and Washington, D.C., which you can reach quickly.

Despite some of the city’s areas being accessible or connected by public transportation, renting a cheap automobile in New York may still be a convenient and economical way to get about the city’s neighborhoods.

As New York is famous for having a lot of snow, which is not ideal for walking, it is also advantageous during the winter.

Can you rent a car in New York without a credit card?

Most firms typically prefer that you pay using a major credit card when making reservations for vehicle rentals in New York, whether an economy car rental or a passenger van hire.

It’s crucial to remember that denying a customer a rental automobile in New York is unlawful because they do not have a credit card.

Even with cheap car rentals in New York, a rental agency may ask you to undergo an additional screening step before picking up your automobile if you don’t have a credit card.

Tips for the Most Affordable Car Rentals

These ideas can assist you in finding a low-cost rental car, whether you’re organizing a weekend break or a cross-country road trip.

Avoid the airport

When arriving in a new place via plane, renting a car at the airport is easy. However, the cost of that convenience could be high because of airport fees. These fees frequently take the form of set cash amounts and are generally disclosed as Customer Facility Charges.

They may also be expressed as a percentage of the total rent due, and occasionally you’ll be required to pay both. These fees are usually a few dollars each day, but depending on how long your journey is, they can frequently reach three figures.

Utilize budget brands

There are more companies in the area besides Enterprise, Hertz, and Budget. Discount brands frequently provide rentals at lower prices than well-known rental firms, including Advantage, Payless, Thrifty, and Dollar Rental.

According to our analysis, depending on the city, the cheapest rental from Advantage, Dollar, and similar companies was at least $5 less expensive than the most affordable premium brand rental on a particular day. 

Consider booking economical cars.

The least expensive vehicles are often the ones that are reserved the most. Just be careful when making your reservations; else, you could end yourself having to fit five passengers and their baggage into a two-door coupe. Not quite the relaxing getaway you were hoping for.

Keep with one driver.

Most rental vehicle businesses will charge you a daily fee to add a driver. However, there are methods to avoid paying the cost. You and your domestic partner must have the same address on your driver’s licenses for some businesses to forgo the additional driver cost. If you sign up for their membership program, specific companies, like National, will eliminate the charge for spouses, partners, and immediate family members.

Use your insurance

If you own a car, you are probably covered when you rent a car by your primary insurance. Millennials without cars: Ask your parents to add you as a driver on their policy. It won’t cost you anything more if you have a clean driving record.

Many also provide little insurance coverage if you use a credit card to pay for your rental. Therefore, skipping it might result in a $30 per day rental savings. 

Even more thorough coverage is available on some cards. Renting abroad? Even if your primary auto insurance and credit card provide a range, you can still be forced to get insurance.

You can walk or ride.

While following this advice can help you get a cheap rental car, there is another solid option to cut costs: avoid renting a car. Most significant cities feature walkable downtowns, robust public transit systems, and an abundance of taxis and ridesharing services. Buy a weekend metro pass to spare yourself the headache of traffic and sometimes expensive parking fees.

Read More: Taxis at NYC Subway

What many traffic regulations should you be aware of when driving in New York City?

You should know a few traffic laws to drive as safely as possible in NYC. For instance, cars cannot halt in intersections when they cannot clear the crossing because of traffic.

Additionally, children under six must ride in a child seat or booster seat, which you may add to your rental car. Always maintain a space of two seconds or more from the vehicle in front of you.

Even if a pedestrian is crossing in an area that is not clearly defined, you must always yield to them. Stay in the right-hand lane whenever you are not passing another vehicle, as left-hand lanes usually are for doing so. If you are unsure, contact the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to learn about any potential changes to the legislation.


Renting a car in New York is a fantastic method to get there swiftly and efficiently. Keep an eye out for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a busy thoroughfare that links many metropolitan boroughs.

It’s also crucial to remember that several routes leading into the city have tolls, including the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Bridge and the George Washington Bridge.

Although it might be challenging to get street parking in New York, plenty of garages and metered spots are available. In New York, there are more than 150 automobile rental facilities. 

You won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the airport in New York if you rent a car. No need to stress about missing a connection since your rental car will be ready when you are. Your trip will be stress-free if you keep an eye on local traffic updates and allow plenty of time to get to the airport.


Q.1: How much is insurance for a rental car?

Depending on the kind of vehicle you want to hire and other variables, the cost of extra car rental insurance and protection goods might change.

Q.2: What is the drop-off fee for a car rental?

There is a drop charge for picking up a rental automobile at one location and dropping it off at another.

Q.3: Can a person under 25 hire a car in the U.S.?

Yes. Except for Michigan and New York, where the minimum age to rent is 18, Enterprise’s nationwide minimum age to hire a car is 21.


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