Latest Breaking News in New York: Top 10 Stories You Need to Know:

Breaking News in New York

Too much is happening too fast. If it weren’t for the latest breaking news in New York, we wouldn’t even know half of the unbelievable diversities. However, we are here to keep you updated. 

From politics to crime, local news, daily living, and other trending breaking news in New York, we will cover each segment for you. Undoubtedly, New York is constantly evolving. Every day, every second, a new story comes to life. Some are challenging, while others are not so much. Under this breaking news in New York, anything can be expected, whether it is a proactive action or a bizarre reaction.

Henceforth, dive with us into the world of 10 shocking stories that you need to know:


Politics is always a hot topic everywhere around the globe. New York is still catching up. Plenty of newly born political fires are burning through the New York state. Here is a glimpse of a few of the political breaking news in New York:

Breaking News in New York

  • Jersey City mayor seeking Democratic bid for NJ governor

Quite recently, on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced he would run as New Jersey’s new governor. He aims to outgrow term-limited Democrat Phil Murphy. 

Steven Fulop presented this ordeal to the public through a video announcement himself. Doing so ultimately made Fulor the third-term Democratic mayor of the state’s second-biggest city, New Jersey. 

Also, Steven Fulop served in Iraq as a former marine following the events of the September 11, 2001., attacks. However, he outsmarts many by launching his bid two years before the 2025 election.

In a video that features his former Marine comrades, Fulop says, “Standing up for what you believe in, even when it’s unpopular, and then successfully fighting to get it done, that’s what leadership is about.”

Undoubtedly, New Jersey has about a million more registered Democrats. However, the majority still elected Republicans over the years. 

Whatever the future of New Jersey is, it is yet to be uncovered.

  • NYC bill would ban discrimination based on weight

The bill to ban weight-based discrimination has become one of the most eye-catching breaking news in New York. The New York City Council is considering prohibiting weight-based discrimination in employment, housing, and other public accommodations.

Recently approved legislation prohibits discrimination under these categories based on a person’s actual or perceived weight and height. However, businesses, operations, or public accommodations where weight and size are considered bona fide occupational qualifications will be exempt from this prohibition

This is an exciting take because Michigan is the only state that has presented such a bill first, along with race and religion. 

Moreover, New York City Council member Shaun Abreu, who sponsored the bill, said in his verdict, “This was a civil rights issue that was long overdue. It is crucial that we treat everyone with the respect and decency they merit. In the end, it comes down to the security of your employment and your home. Who cares whether someone has a particular appearance, a different body type, or is heavier?

Hence, it would be interesting to see how it turns out. 

  • Trump faces at least 1 felony charge in NY case:

For sure, everyone by now has heard this news. It’s not just breaking news in New York but is trending worldwide. 

Manhattan grand jury indicted former president Trump on multiple charges of falsifying business and a felony case, which includes his hush-money case. Based on the indictment, he will be arrested and prosecuted. It will surely be a shocking historical moment for the people to witness the former president appearing before a court to hear the charges brought against him.

However, further investigation is required to determine the veracity of the accusations.. Stay tuned to see where this goes. 

Trending Breaking News in New York:

A Long Island family says in a lawsuit that the cries for help of their bullied teen were ignored.

Ralph De Lustro filed a million-dollar notice of claim against Three Village Central School District upon the accusation of a distraught father. The charge ruled back to the allegations of choking a teen unconscious on school grounds. 

Moreover, Kenneth Mollins, the lawyer representing the case, clarified that the school authorities knew the boy felt unsafe on multiple occasions. Additionally, he said that he told the administration that he felt uncomfortable and was afraid for his life.

He also claimed that the school’s dean was aware of the bullying. On March 8, 2023, things turned dark when the boy was allegedly choked to death in front of his classmates during gym class, and the instructor did nothing to intervene.

Therefore, now his father, De Lustro, is seeking a $1 Million claim for his son. He claim he suffered physical injuries, emotional harm, and utter humiliation. 

Additionally, the family is giving the school district 90 days to respond. The other boy faces felony strangulation charges. 

  • Amazon starts charging fees on returns made through UPS:

Here’s another latest breaking news in New York. Amazon will now start charging fees on any returns made through UPS. 

In the past, however, amazon customers could easily walk into any UPS without any fee waiting for them. The giant e-commerce platform has changed the tables now. 

UPS will now charge customers $1.50 for each returned item if they drop it off at UPS outlets instead of recommended drop-off locations like Whole Foods, Kohl’s, and Amazon stores.

According to Amazon representative Steve Kelly, who talked to Insider, customers can always return an item for free. “A very tiny number of clients may be charged a price if they choose to return an item to a UPS Store when there is a free option closer to their delivery address.

This is done solely to save money.. 

  • The best places to see New York City’s Japanese Cherry Blossoms

The United States was first blessed by the Japanese cherry Blossoms in 1912. This happened out of humbleness and a step towards friendship between both nations. 

Since their first encounter, New York City has taken necessary measures to cater to the needs of 30,000 trees spread across five boroughs. 

Following are the best places to see these beauties:

  • MANHATTAN – Sakura Park
  • BRONX – Pelham Bay Park 
  • BROOKLYN – Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • QUEENS – Flushing Meadows Corona Park
  • STATEN ISLAND – Silver Lake Park


  • NY urologist accused of patient sex abuse, including of minors

On Tuesday, a public indictment charged a doctor from the New York area with sexually abusing several male patients over some time.

He used the reputation of two prestigious medical institutions to make his actions appear necessary and appropriate for medical treatment, according to the accusations against him.

In Manhattan federal court, patients accused Darius A. Paduch, 55, of North Bergen, New Jersey, of sexually abusing them. The victims include two males reportedly attacked before they were of legal age. 

Officials stated that the attacks happened at one hospital in Manhattan from 2015 to 2019 and then at a second facility on Long Island.

  • For the ‘torture’ and murder of Thomas Valva, 8, Angela Pollina gets 25 to life in prison.

During her sentencing hearing in court on Tuesday morning, Judge Timothy Mazzei gave Angela Pollina the maximum penalty for killing Thomas Valva, her fiancé’s 8-year-old son. During her sentencing hearing in court on Tuesday morning, Judge Timothy Mazzei delivered a harsh speech to Pollina, saying that he realized how nasty she really was only after seeing her testify during her trial the previous month.” 

Mazzei gave her the harshest punishment possible, emphasizing its lengthier duration rather than its range’s shorter term. 

He declared from the bench, “It is the sentence of the court that you serve an indeterminate time in prison of a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of your natural life.”

  • Green Book actor Frank Vallelonga Jr.’s cause of death revealed

After almost 4 months after the death, Green Book actor Frank Vellelonga Jr.s cause of death has been revealed in this breaking news in New York. 

In Nov 2022, authorities found the body of a 60-year-old man on the ground at Oak Point Avenue in the Bronx and determined that he died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl and cocaine.

However, according to the police, he didn’t suffer from any obvious signs of trauma.  Police arrested Steven Smith, 35, on charges of concealment of a body after he dumped it. However, he claims to have no hand in his death but didn’t attend the hearing.

Local News:

  • Wild video: Coyote rescued from East River in NYC

On Monday, the police rescued a terrified dog from the East River and apprehended a coyote as they saw the animal struggling against the river’s strong currents in the morning. The NYPD Harbor Unit arrived and immediately noticed it wasn’t a dog.

The NYPD 19th Precinct tweeted on Monday, “Coyotes are common in NYC, but one swimming in the East River is not!” Thanks to NYPD Harbor’s quick action, he is now in the hands of vets.


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