Not Only the Diet and Exercise but the Something Else Needed to Lose Weight: Doctors

In the crisis of COVID, people have gained unwanted weight because they were forced to get lockdown into their homes. They were not able to move outside or freely visit sports grounds or parks. In an interview with the obesity specialist, Dr. Minisha Sood, she claimed that the patient coming to her had gained weight between 15 to 50 pounds. She also told us that losing this unwanted weight will require threefold more time than gaining weight. One of the patients of the doctor claimed a contrary experience. She lost the weight rather than gained in the pandemic time. She attributed her success, losing weight to the doctor, and her valuable prescriptions. That patient explained that she relied upon the diet and exercise and took regular weight loss drugs. Among many weight-loss drugs, she mentioned the “diabetes drug, liraglutide, more commonly known as Victoza”, as the most effective to lose weight. At that moment, a doctor said that doctor could not suggest every drug for every patient, but it is quite a responsible job to check out the requirements of the body of the patent and then look into the chemical formulae of the drug. Therefore, if someone wants to lose weight, they must consult the doctor.


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