On the Garden State Route, a NJ Patrol Officer Aids a Boy Following His Dogs

A policeman from the New Jersey Police surveillance video acquired solely by NBC New York reveals an officer in the center of the State Park Road in late August, rushing to the help of an 8-year-old kid who had followed his two dogs into the busy roadway. “I spotted them out of the corner of my eye, so I turned on my lights and started just do what you see cops doing on the roadway, which is slowing down vehicles,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Jamarr Morris.

Morris, according to the body cam film, came to a complete stop as quickly as he could, although some automobiles were still speeding down the main road. Morris was afraid about what could happen to the child and his pups, so he hopped into his car and drove southward on the highway.

Meanwhile, a teacher had indeed pulled over alongside other cars to help obstruct traffic in both directions, with other vehicles stepping out to assist the child in corralling his dogs.

“I recall being close enough to him and assisting him to notice that his lip was twitching, I suppose he was utterly terrified,” he added.

Morris was confronted by a barking dog while the youngster struggled for authority in the middle of a roadway with his second canine on a leash. Morris, who maintains two dogs, said he was ready to risk being bitten rather than risk the dog running into the expressways.

“Getting bit was my first option, and if it occurs, it happens,” he says.

The trooper was ultimately able to wrangle the dog and lead the child and his pets to his police cruiser. And this is when Woit began yelling, “You’re a superhero!” Morris, on the other hand, does not see it that way, claiming that motorists like Stephanie were genuine heroes for slowing down and then stopping all traffic behind them.

On a state trooper’s social platform, Woit’s photos of the rescues got a lot of attention. She didn’t hold the boy responsible.

She added, “His pups matter to him, his dogs matter to him, and in his mind, he was doing a heroic thing as well.”
Morris returned the youngster to his anxious parents, who had no idea their child had found right in the center of a busy main road while out for a stroll in the woods.

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