The ultimate guide to New York University | Ranking, fee, courses & more!

guide to New York University

TIMES ranks NYU as the 26th best university in the world, and is the alma mater of 37 Nobel laureates and innovators. NYU offers a blend of study and pleasure, with a conventional new York university experience on campus and an outstanding city experience only a few steps away.

The institution was founded in 1831 with a campus spanning 230 acres in Manhattan. NYU offers 11 academic centres outside New York City, including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Israel, and Shanghai!

Courses at NYU

NYU enrolls 40,000 students from six continents in over 400 undergraduate and graduate courses! It’s no surprise that the variety of these courses is wide. NYU’s 20 schools have a lot to offer, from physics and astronomy to psychology, anthropology, and law.

New York University (NYU) provides a diverse range of undergraduate majors, including

  • Political economy and business
  • Art and the history of art
  • Biology of the environment
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Early childhood education
  • Imaging and photography
  • Finance and accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Legal studies and law
  • Philosophy and Psychology

New York University (NYU) provides a variety of graduate programs, including

  • Biomaterials
  • Executive MBA in Public Health
  • Online commerce
  • International finance
  • Journalism \sMBA

Furthermore, NYU boasts around 100 research centers and institutions that are producing discoveries in medicine, policy, infrastructure, the environment, and other sectors.

New York University Rankings and Profile

  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation
  • 13% acceptance rate
  • 87% of students graduate.
  • Ranking by US News & World Report: #28
  • 26 in the Times Higher Education Ranking

The origins of New York University may be traced back to 1831. One of the largest private higher education institutions in the country, it is one of the largest in the world. In addition to its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in social science, dentistry, nursing, and the visual arts, the university offers approximately 400 higher education programs. It provides full-time and part-time programs.

New York University is an international university with campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. Its campus comprises more than 20 colleges spread over five locations. Engineering, psychology, business administration, dance, and game creation are all available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Life at NYU

The ultimate guide to New York University Ranking, fee, courses & more!
Life at NYU

Not only does NYU have the greatest academics but it also boasts diverse extracurricular activities. Every year/semester, each school has groups that arrange festivals and events.

NYU has the biggest number of international students and has student groups. For example, the Graduate Indian Students Association organises Indian festivals and festivities that make one feel at ease on these significant occasions.

Events and Festivals

NYU’s Strawberry Festival is a delightful highlight of the year, with carnival activities, freebies, music, and the world’s longest strawberry shortcake!

If all of the events on campus aren’t enough, you can always go sightseeing in New York City! The city has a lot to offer and is frequently referred to as the finest metropolis in the world. You only need to leave the university grounds!

Take a stroll in Central Park and stop by the Conservatory Garden. Visit the garden hidden among the crowds on the famed Rockefeller Center’s rooftop. Discover the world’s cuisines and the city’s distinct culture, and be a proud New Yorker!

Academics and Admissions

New York University offers 11 schools and more than 230 areas of study, as well as 10 libraries with more than 5.9 million books. The Tisch School of the Arts at NYU is well-known for its arts and theatre offerings.

Other notable programs at the institution include accounting and finance, engineering, mathematics, law and legal studies, psychology, and philosophy.

As one of the best colleges in the world, it has a somewhat stringent foreign student admittance rate of 20%.

Furthermore, NYU, like other prestigious colleges, requires strong academic performance in addition to other requirements. These are some examples:

  • IBT TOEFL – 100
  • IELTS band score of 7.5/9
  • GRE (Quantitative), 160, 4.0 (Analytical Writing)
  • GPA – more than 3.7
  • SAT – 1382
  • ACT – 31

How Much Does New York University Cost?

Undergraduate students at New York University pay $56,500 per year, while graduate students pay $36,206 per year, regardless of whether they live in or out of state. A year’s worth of books may cost roughly $718. Health insurance, housing, and personal spending are examples of additional service fees and expenses.


New York University Cost

New York University Undergraduate In-State Tuition and Fees

New York University Undergraduate Out-of-State Tuition and Fees $56,500
New York University Graduate In-State Tuition and Fees $36,206
New York University Graduate Out-of-State Tuition and Fees $36,206
New York University Books and Supplies $718

The expense of attending New York University is considerable. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the average cost of an education at a private non-profit university is $37,600. There are a number of payment options for prospective students at NYU, including upfront payments, grants, scholarships, loans, and payment plans.

New York University Living Expenses

Expense New York University Cost
New York University On-Campus Room and Board $19,682
New York University Off-Campus Room and Board $19,682

Living on campus costs the same as living off campus for room and board. Food and preparation costs, as well as the cost of property and utilities, can all have an impact on pricing. Of course, the real prices may be more than the sums listed here, depending on your specific expenses and financial responsibilities.

Cost Of Living in New York 

Cost Of Living in New York 
Cost Of Living in New York

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. According to PayScale, living in New York is 155 percent more costly than living anyplace else in the United States. The average rent in New York is $6,530. This expense is mostly owing to a lack of suitable homes and land, as well as the high demand for housing.

NYU tuition fees and NYU financial aid

New York University is one of the most costly institutions in the United States, with tuition rates averaging $53,308 per year. When you include living expenditures, transportation costs, food prices, and other expenses, the average cost of living and studying at NYU is $75,502 a year (which is very close to the cost of studying at Yale).

However, NYU grants average scholarships worth $30,319, reducing the annual expenditures down to $42,397. It also helps to know that over 70% of NYU students get financial aid.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. The Teaching And learning Support for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grants Program provides grants of up to $3,965 to students.
  2. The Federal Pell Grant Program

Along with these benefits, the institution provides students with career opportunities that might result in tuition waivers and stipends.

New York University Scholarships and Grants


  • AnBryce Scholarships are available.

This award is for academically ambitious individuals with a 3.5 GPA, financial need, and the first in their family to attend college. Students may receive full tuition assistance throughout their four years of undergraduate education at NYU, and the scholarship can be renewed every year.

  • Leadership Program 

A Stern School of Business programme makes this full-need scholarship possible. At NYU, students must take part in cohort-based leadership events and seminars that are linked to academic support, extracurricular activities, and professional development opportunities.

  • Scholarships for the Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP). 

Students in the program of  CCTOP who are graduating from state universities are able to apply. It is a need-based prize, and applicants must be suggested by their community’s dean, department head, professor, or transfer counsellor.

  • Scholarship of POISE 

Borough of Manhattan Community College students studying science, computing, engineering, psychological, or math are eligible for this award. The student must participate in various activities and social networking opportunities.

  • Scholarships for Global Pathways

Degree-seeking students from NYU who desire to go abroad can apply for this need-based grant of up to $4,000 each semester to cover the additional costs of studying abroad. Students should have already applied for FAFSA.

How to apply to NYU?

New York University comprises over 20 schools and colleges, offering over 400 graduate and undergraduate programs. The first step will be to pick whether you want to apply for undergraduate, graduate, or high school programs. Master’s degrees can also be combined with bachelor’s degrees. 

Look into the entrance criteria for the program you want to attend. Check to see whether you meet the academic standards they’ve specified. Some schools want pupils who are above a certain grade level or who have excelled in specific disciplines.

Then, see whether your normal test scores fit their requirements (GRE, LSAT, GMAT, etcetera, TEST is depending on the program). To qualify, you must take the TOEFL or IELTS examinations as an overseas student.

Once you’re certain you meet all the requirements, go to the course page on their website and apply! If you are accepted, you can begin applying for scholarships and planning your stay at NYU.

NYU application deadline

The application deadlines vary depending on the program to which you apply. In general, foreign applications for the autumn semester must be filed by November 1st. The deadline for the spring semester is generally the first week of June. To be certain, we recommend that you search for the program on the university’s website and double-check the deadlines.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, a few fascinating facts-

  • After graduation, 51% of students obtain two or more employment offers.
  • NYU graduates with a BS or BA earn an average beginning income of $64,895.
  • There are approximately 300 clubs and organizations at the institution, as well as 23 varsity sports!

So, if you want to be a part of NYU’s tradition and graduate from this wonderful university, it’s time to get your hands dirty and begin your application process.

Is New York University Affordable?

Yes, The university provided you obtain financial help, and New York University is affordable. The list of renowned NYU alumni is as remarkable, including Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, and Kristen Bell. Furthermore, the institution provides a variety of paid and free courses, as well as online learning options.

New York University Student Debt

  • 28% of students receive federal loans.
  • After-Graduation Debt: $20,500
  • $205 is the average monthly loan payment.

According to the NCES College Scorecard, 28 percent of NYU students obtain federal loans, with a median debt of $20,500 after graduation. The average loan repayment is $205 per month. This is significantly lower than the national average. According to the Education Data Initiative, the national average student debt load is $37,014 for federal and $40,904 for private loans.

Before asking for a loan to cover school expenditures, students must perform extensive study. These loans typically have hefty interest rates, and the amount you pay back is significantly greater than the original loan. Furthermore, according to the Education Data Initiative, 52 percent of students who accepted student loan debt felt it was not worth it in the end.

New York University Cost FAQ

1- What is the tuition at New York University for overseas students?

International students at New York University pay $6,332 for four credits, $12,664 for eight credits, and $26,885 for 12 to 18 courses. It should be noted that extra fees are not included in these cost estimations.

2- Is New York University one of the greatest colleges in the city?

Yes, New York University is one of the greatest colleges in New York, ranking second only to Cornell University on US News & World Report’s list of the Best Colleges in New York. The school is also ranked 28th in the country.

3- Can I study at New York University online or in a hybrid format?

Yes, you may study at New York University online or in a hybrid format because it offers various certifications, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degree programmes in these forms. It’s known as the campus without walls.

What is the cost of the application fee at New York University?

New York University charges an application fee of $80. The fee may seem high, but New York University is one of the most prestigious universities in the city. Students who cannot afford this fee may request a fee waiver on the Common Application.

Can I study at New York University online or in a hybrid format?

Yes, you may study at New York University online or in a hybrid format because it offers various certifications, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degree programs in these forms. It’s known as the campus without walls.

What is the application fee for New York University?

The application fee for New York University is $80. This price may appear to be somewhat exorbitant, but New York University is one of the most respected universities in the city. Students who are unable to pay this fee may apply for a fee waiver on the Common Application.

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