What were the 3 biggest tabloids in US?

biggest tabloids in US

The biggest tabloids history in New York City is lengthy and varied. Even today, its publications and news operations continue to carry on that historical tradition. They offering top stories on current events, politics, sports, social commentary, and much more. In New York, there are a total of 652 tabloids.

The largest tabloid in terms of distribution is the NEW YORK TIMES, and the city it serves is NEW YORK. ROCPARENT is New York’s smallest tabloid, with ROCHESTER as its circulation city. New York state has 33 tabloids s that are published Monday through Sunday.

The overall circulation of tabloids in New York state is 13561319, whereas the total circulation of newspapers in the United States of America is 161,108,977.

History and Timeline

Timeline of Major New York tabloids:

In New York City, the tabloids have a rich and lively history. Even today, its publications and news operations continue to carry on that historical tradition, offering top stories on current affairs, politics, sports, social criticism, and much more.


Throughout the 1800s, inhabitants of New York City had their choice of dozens of daily news providers that cost pennies on the dollar, if that.  By the mid-1800s, New York had produced 54 of the 373 tabloids printed in the United States. Publications included the country’s first Spanish-language tabloids, the very first African-American-owned and authored tabloids, and the first sports coverage tabloids.

New York’s position as a news publishing powerhouse has not faded, nor has the range or depth of its covered issues. Political party coverage, news work, personal interest articles, society pages, and trendy social commentary on the most important social concerns of the day were all priorities in journalism in the mid and late 1800s. Does this sound familiar?

2. TODAY -21st Century

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are two of today’s most widely-read tabloids. In terms of overall daily circulation, both of these magazines trail only USA Today. With The Wall Street Journal being the second-highest distribute news publication. The New York Times being the 3 highest circulated tabloids, correspondingly. 

Several additional major news organizations with print and digital divisions can also be found in New York City. Many newspapers have altered their content business models to meet readers wherever they are – online — as more people consume news digitally than ever before. Few can deny New York City’s historical and ongoing supremacy in today’s news scene — and its sustained effect on the future.

With any of these New York-based magazines, you may get your hands on a few of the most prominent news sources today.


Dow Jones & Company, the Journal’s publisher, began with small news bulletins known as “flimsies,” which were hand-delivered every day to stock market dealers in the early 1880s. They were then compile into a daily print summary known as the Consumers’ Afternoon Letter. Reporters Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser transformed this into The Wall Street Journal, that was first published on July 8, 1889, and started telegraph transmission of the Dow Jones & Company News Service.

Internal Expansion

The Wall Street Journal Online, a supplement to the print newspaper, was start in 1996 and has always been available exclusively via subscription. Dow Jones began combining reporting of the Journal’s print and online subscribers in Audit Bureau of Circulations disclosures in 2003. 

With 980,000 paying customers in 2007, it was widely thought to be the largest paid-subscription news source on the Web. Since then, digital subscriptions have increased to 1.3 million as of September 2018, ranking second only to The New York Times, which has 3 million digital subscribers.  In May 2008, an annual membership to The Wall Street Journal’s online version cost $119 for individuals who did not already have print subscriptions. 

21st Century

In June 2013, the monthly fee for an online edition membership was $22.99, or $275.88 yearly, excluding promotional deals. On November 30, 2004, Oasys Mobile and The Wall Street Journal announced the availability of an app that would allow customers to access material from The Wall Street Journal Online via their mobile phones. Pulitzer Prize-winning pieces from 1995 can be found for free on the Pulitzer website.

The Journal returned to Saturday publishing after a 50-year hiatus in September 2005, when it introduced a weekend edition that was provided to all subscribers. The change was intended to attract more consumer advertising. 

The Journal’s audience profile in 2005 included over 60% top management, an average salary of $191,000, an average family net worth of $2.1 million, and an average age of 55.

In 2007, the Journal began a global expansion of its operations. Though it is still classified as a business journal rather than a “general” tabloid, the Wall Street Journal has gained a towards such in the print news sector. Indeed, it is still one of the world’s most well-trusted and renowned tabloids.

More Facts

The WSJ, which is publish six days a week and is accessible on every major continent, has a strong print presence as well as a strong digital presence. Its website has an average monthly viewership of more than 90 million and a monthly specific user rate of 38 million. The journal has received more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes and today has over 1 million print-only members and 1.8 million digital subscribers, making it one of the most healthy in the business.


NYC Time
NYC Time

The New York Times (abbreviated NYT) is an American daily newspaper located in New York City that has a global audience.  Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones started it in 1851, and it was first printed by Raymond, Jones & Company.  The Times holds the most Pulitzer Prizes of any newspaper, with 132, and has long been recognize as a national “sheet of record.”  It is rate represent the culmination in the world when it comes of circulation and third in the United States. 

The New York Times Organization, which is publicly list, owns the publication. Since 1896, it has been administer by the These family under a dual-class some once its shares became publicly list.  A. G. Sulzberger with son father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.—the newspaper’s publisher.

Internal Expansion

Since the mid-1970s, The New York Times layout and structure have evolved, with special weekly sections on a variety of themes augmenting the normal news, opinions, sports, and features. The New York Times has been divide into the following sections since 2008. News, Op eds, New York (metropolitan), Commerce, Sports, Arts, Science, Style, Home, Vacation, as well as other features. The Sunday Review (previously the Week in Review), The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, and T: The NY Times Style Magazine augment the Times on Sundays. The editorials of The New York Times often take liberal stances.


The New York Times is the third-most widely distribute tabloid in the United States and the world’s 18th-most widely circulate print news newspaper. New York Times has earned 127 Pulitzer Prizes in its 160-year existence, making it the most decorated tabloid in history.

The New York Times is one of the most thematically diversify and well-rounded print tabloids, with sections covering top news, editorial, culture, sports, politics, arts, and sciences, among other things. Readers may get New York City news as well as extensive national and global coverage, which is uncommon in most big local publications today.


The New York Post (NY Post) is a New York City-based conservative[8] daily newspaper. The Post also runs a celebrity gossip website and entertainment. It was create in 1801 by Republican and Founding father Alexander Hamilton and came to popularity in the 19th century as The New York Evening Post. Its most famous 19th-century editor was William Cullen Bryant.

Dorothy Schiff, a staunch liberal, purchased the journal in the mid-twentieth century and devised the tabloid format. Rupert Murdoch paid $30.5 million for the newspaper in 1976. Murdoch’s News Corporation owned the Post until 1993. Its circulation was rate fourth in the U.s in 2019.

The New York Post is a daily tabloid newspaper found in 1801 by no other person than American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The Post has transitioned away from its initial broadsheet style and toward trending celebrity news, gossip, and features.


  • Sean M Giancola: CEO/Publisher
  • Keith Poole: Editor-in-Chief (Group)
  • Stephen Lynch: Editor-in-Chief (Print)


The New York Daily News, sometimes known as the Daily News, is an American newspaper located in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Illustrated Daily News was create in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson. It was the first tabloid newspaper in the United States. Its distribution peaked at 2.4 million copies per day in 1947. In 2019, it was the tenth most widely read newspaper in the United States. The current New York Daily News is unrelated to the previous New York Daily News, which ceased publication in 1906.

Internal Expansion

The Daily News was no longer able to capture the city’s interest with a single headline like it had done in 1975 with its diving header, “Ford to City: Drop Dead,” by the twenty-first century, but the publication continued to provide good coverage of local news and sports.

Long embroiled in a circulation fight with its even more spectacular rival tabloid. The New York Post, the Daily News persisted as one of the nation’s top-selling newspapers. But with a daily readership (more than 200,000 by 2016) far down from its mid-century high.

The newspaper was own by New York News, Inc. around the turn of the century, with tycoon Mortimer. Zuckerman serving as chairman and copublisher. However, as the Daily News’ readership continued to decline, Zuckerman announced in 2017. He was selling the daily to Tronc, a Chicago-based media firm. Tronc agreed to pay $1 and absorb all of the paper’s liabilities, according to multiple sources.

21st Century

The parent business of the Daily News is Tribune Publishing. In May 2021, Alden Global Capital bought this firm, which runs its media companies through Digital First Media. The New York Daily News, formerly one of the most widely read tabloids in the country. Now focuses tabloid features and trendy populist editorial material on New York City, politics, world events, and celebrity gossip.

Its daily print audience now exceeds 230,000 subscribers. It is the eleventh most-read tabloid in the United States. It is still publish in tabloid size, the same format it has used since its debut in the early 1900s.

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