Visit New York City on a Budget: 10 Tips to Travel NYC

Visit New York City

New York City isn’t inexpensive at all! If you need help locating affordable meals, lodging and food may add up quickly! The good news is that we’ve compiled our best tips for visiting NYC on a shoestring budget so you won’t return from the Big Apple bankruptcy.

With an estimated 66.6 million tourists visiting each year, NYC is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations worldwide. The reason this thriving hub is so alluring is apparent: it is a cultural hotspot brimming with excellent cuisine, renowned museums, Broadway performances, and much more.

What are the Ten Tips for Travelling to New York?

Follow these Travelling Tips for where to stay, buy, and dine on a budget in New York, whether you’re organizing a girls’ weekend or a family vacation there. Thus, whether you’re planning a family vacation to New York City on a shoestring budget and want to buy in New York with your friends, this article will help you out of your money.

Consider Different living options

Don’t restrict yourself to Manhattan if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in New York that won’t blow your entire vacation budget. In other boroughs, you may get significantly better discounts on hotels and Airbnb without compromising your experience.

Park Slope and Williamsburg, two Brooklyn neighborhoods, are brimming with New York flair. If you compare a three-star hotel in Brooklyn or Queens to one in Manhattan, you can often save about $100 per night.

You may decide to camp upstate for the ultimate cost-effective lodgings. Locals can assist with any camping or trekking you wish to perform in their backyard in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

You can travel During Off-Peak Times

Christmas time is undoubtedly one when NYC is busier than ever. Even if you still want to visit Rockefeller Center to see the tree, you should make other arrangements to avoid paying more during rush hour.

For example, you can avoid the higher expenses associated with travelling closer to the holiday by booking your trip immediately after the tree has been put up and lit.

To guarantee you can take advantage of any cheap costs that arise quickly, start your vacation planning early and keep an eye on fees and fares months in advance.

The Statue of Liberty is seen from the Ferry

Without the need for a doubt, Lady Liberty is one of New York’s most recognizable sights. She should be seen by every tourist in NYC, which is why we recommend it as the first activity on your low-budget NYC vacation.

Visitors may get up and personal on pricey Statue of Liberty excursions, but the cost can go beyond your New York trip budget. Staten Island Ferry, which is free. Taking the Staten Island Ferry is among the most extraordinary and inexpensive things in New York City.

Travel to and from the airport via rail

You will be far from the city when you land, regardless of whether you fly into JFK or La Guardia. Take the shuttle to the Metro instead of calling a cab or Uber, which would cost you at least $40–$50 or more. It is straightforward to accomplish and will save you significant money.

The 7-day metro pass, which entitles you to unrestricted use of the bus and Metro for the duration of your visit to New York City, was the simplest to purchase. You can buy the pass through Metro Card vending machines containing easy-to-understand instructions. Once you have your card, you can easily use Google Maps to find your way by public transportation to your hotel.

Saving money on transportation

If you genuinely want to experience the city and save money on transportation once you arrive, make plans to use the train and walk a lot. In New York, walking is a tourist on a tight budget best friend.

If you want to spend most of your time in Manhattan, it’s simple to get around on foot and occasionally take the subway to cover longer distances.

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes but don’t wait until you get there to break them in. The MTA bus and subway system offers 24-hour service and is extremely reasonably priced. Subway cost: $2.75 for one ride; $33 for a 7-day unlimited pass

Beware of tourist traps

You’re probably thinking, “Of course I know to avoid tourist traps, but what are they? ” People attempting to sell you something on the street is one of the most prevalent tourist traps in New York City.

It’s probably a fraud if someone offers you free access to a location, “Real” Louis Vuitton bags for $20, or $10 tickets to a comedy concert with Kevin Hart.

Both the luggage and the tickets are often phoney. When you’re passing through Times Square, someone pulls you aside for a photo. After the picture, they will pester you for information. Say “No Thanks” to any randos approaching you on the street.

Select the Appropriate Season For Planning Your Trip

You should be aware that the summer is the busiest travel season for foreign visitors if you’re trying to plan a vacation to New York on a tight budget. For a low-budget vacation to New York, you must pick the exact opposite seasons.

We advise you to travel during the winter, which is the off-season, between December and January. Do you fear getting sick? We can assure you, however, that if you choose to overlook the cold, you will discover a gorgeous city filled with ice skating, lovely winter decorations, and a joyful atmosphere.

Eat for some little bucks

Food is where your money will go the furthest in New York City. For a few bucks, street vendors serving anything from Turkish eggs to breakfast tacos and steaming coffee appear on Midtown corners in the morning to operate office drones and construction workers.

Another affordable and delectable method to start the day is with a warm, toasted everything bagel and cream cheese with spring onions or other vegetables. Nothing surpasses New York pizza in terms of fast food, whether you get a slice or a whole pie from one of the many pizza parlours strewn across the city.

Establish a daily credit card limit

Despite the possibility that the allure of upscale eating and shopping is too great, you can always establish boundaries in advance to hold yourself responsible. Instead of using your credit card to spend as much as you like, use it to save money.

If you pre-pay for your tickets or vacation packages, you can create a budget for the rest of your daily costs, such as transportation and meals. With some credit cards, you can set a specific spending cap; with others, you’ll need to keep track of your purchases mentally.

Visit free events for some bucks

You should attend a free event to make the most of your stay in New York City. Bookish tourists should plan their vacation accordingly when the Brooklyn Book Festival’s free readings, author events, and discussion groups fully flow in the fall.

In the spring, Shakespeare in the Park events brings large crowds to the outdoor Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The free GMA Summer Concert Series attracts well-known performers, while the SummerStage Festival features everything from jazz recitals to dance performances. Both events take place in the city’s “Green Lung.”[1]


You may enjoy a wonderful holiday experience with high costs. However, you need more than guaranteeing your satisfaction, which you can also reach on a low-cost trip. Even though New York City is the most expensive city in the US, many tourist activities are free. 

Be encouraged if you’re planning a vacation to New York City on a tight budget. Lastly, one of my favourite pieces of New York City advice is to take advantage of anything offered for free. You may spend a fortune just on food, so take advantage of this opportunity to save costs a little while still seeing a lot of the city!


Q.1: How much cash should you carry in New York for a week?

On average, a 7-day vacation to New York costs $2,057 per person, $3,694 for a couple, and $6,926 for a family of four.

Q.2: What is the cost of a 7-day Metro pass in New York City?

Cost: $127 or $33 each week (30-day). You are permitted unlimited swipes on the local buses and Metro for seven or thirty days. One refill of Unlimited Rides may only be stored on your MetroCard at a time.

Q.3: How long should you spend in New York?

If this is your first trip to New York City, five days is the perfect duration.

            1. ˄Free Shakespeare in the park

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