Breaking News: Suspect Arrested in Connection with Subway Slashing Attack

 Subway Slashing Attack

The New York City subway system is a strong transportation network and a place where thousands of people commute daily. Unfortunately, it’s also a location where crime can occur. Yes, we are talking about the subway slashing attack. Over the weekend, the subway system witnessed three women being slashed, which put commuters on high alert and prompted police officials to scramble for answers. However, there is good news: after an intense investigation into the subway slashing attack, the suspect has been apprehended.

Hence, with us, Read more about the subway slashing attack.

Subway Slashing Attack

A man has been arrested in connection with a subway slashing attack on three women over the weekend. Police say he sliced open the legs of three women at random in the subway system of New York City.

It happened on the Lexington Avenue line Sunday afternoon in just 16 minutes. The wound on one victim was so deep; paramedics had to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. She has 20 stitches on the surface and 10 more underneath.

The recovering victim told Eyewitness News reporter Sonia Rincon that she is extremely relieved that her attacker is no longer on the loose.

A chilling cellphone video the 28-year-old victim recorded shows the suspect escaping through a moving train. Detectives told her the video helped them link the suspect to the two other slashings.

Police Investigation

Furthermore, let’s look at the police investigation for the subway slashing attack.

Surveillance cameras showed the suspect, Zaire Kevin Eastmond, fleeing the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall station soon after the assaults. 

In no time, officers identified him and took him into custody in East Harlem on Tuesday morning. Just 16 minutes earlier, detectives say he attacked two other women the same way as they exited the 86th Street station on the Upper East Side.

According to NYPD Transit Division Chief Michael Kemper, After less than 48 hours since the slashings, armed with the suspect’s photo, these officers observed him walking down an open Manhattan street and apprehended him.

However, The police believe Rideout also slashed a 48-year-old woman at that station, then rode the train down to the Brooklyn Bridge Station. None of the women knew each other, nor did the attacker say anything.

Furthermore, the officer who arrested Rideout also spotted another suspect involved in a deadly stabbing on a subway train Saturday morning.

He was arraigned on Tuesday, facing charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon in relation to the death of 32-year-old Tavon Martin.

Authorities arrested Claude White, 33, on Monday in connection with Martin’s demise

Who was the suspect?

As for the suspect, Several charges of assault have been filed against 28-year-old Kemal Rideout.

He was transported to Bellevue Hospital to undergo a psychiatric examination.

However, according to law enforcement sources, Rideout has previously received a diagnosis of mental illness. Moreover, he faced arrests for forcible touching, assault, and attempted rape, all of which occurred upstate.

What do the Victims Say?

One of the victims, Sonia Rincon, conversed with the recovering victim Tuesday night, expressing her immense relief regarding his arrest.

She describes the act by saying that she was on the train texting her boyfriend when suddenly, Some random guy walked past her and sliced her. She further adds that she had no idea what he used and then walked away calmly. 

Furthermore, She says: “My body was in shock. My first instinct was to get a video of him. When I glanced down, I observed the flow of blood.

Another victim of the attack, 19-year-old Bianchelli Diplan, says. “I began to climb up the steps when I felt something in my back leg. I held on to it and saw blood. When I turned around, I witnessed him staring at me while I was crying incessantly, and then he simply walked away.

The motive for the Stabbing

An individual unprovoked perpetrated the three subway slashes on Sunday afternoon. None of the victims knew each other. Hence, police are yet to identify the motive.

However, the motive behind Claude White’s slashing was a drug dispute.


The recent incident subway slashing attack in the New York City subway system over the weekend has left many residents concerned for their safety. The NYPD’s quick thinking and diligent work led to the apprehension of a suspect.

While incidents like this are undoubtedly unsettling, it’s important not to let fear take over. The NYPD remains committed to keeping New Yorkers safe and will continue to do everything in its power to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


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