10 Most Dangerous Cities in New York, Ranked by the FBI

Dangerous Cities in New York

It’s likely that you’ll want to live close to a metropolis whether you’re relocating for employment or your family. Even for those who enjoy living in the suburbs, it makes the most sense. Cities in New York provide the greatest number of career prospects, frequently the quickest means of transportation, as well as the opportunity for social interaction and meeting new people.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes statistics on American cities and towns each year and uses the information to create lists of the most and least hazardous places in the country. Along with the national rankings, they also break down the information by state, letting us explore the ranks of the Empire State. 

The data were broken down, and information on the Top 10 most hazardous cities in the state of New York was released on the website Only In Your State. Some are more noticeable because they have substantial populations and daily commuting traffic. Others can take some people off guard because they are a little more unexpected to see on the list.

Following that, the 10 most hazardous cities in New York in 2022 are listed along with the factors that contributed to their ranking.

Ten Most Dangerous Cities in New York, as Ranked by the FBI

Cities in New York State are no different, with larger cities generally having greater crime rates. According to the FBI, these are the 10 most dangerous cities in the state.

1 – Buffalo

The city of Buffalo has many positive aspects, but regrettably, crime is common.  Even while the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people is fewer than in many of the other cities on this list, it is still approximately three times higher than the national average. While that statistic is impressive in and of itself, Buffalo’s murder rate propels it to the top of our list.

Given that it’s among the highest in the state, it might be difficult to feel secure whenever you leave your house. Buffalo, like many American towns, had a sharp increase in violent crime in 2021, therefore don’t anticipate Buffalo to be removed from this list very soon. Poverty contributes to crime, as it does in many places. The city’s poverty rate is about one in three, resulting in a poor average family income of $37,354. That just isn’t enough to maintain living standards in a big metropolis.

2 – Niagara Falls

Although Niagara Falls is renowned for its stunning falls, a crime epidemic has overtaken the city in recent years. While the murder rate is modest (2.0 per 100,000), it is roughly 11 times higher than the national average when it comes to violent crime. So, if you reside in Niagara Falls, New York, it is a matter of when rather than if you will become a victim of violent crime. It’s unfortunate, but not altogether unexpected for a city with such a strong tourist draw.

The city’s residents don’t get much money from tourism; the average family income is under $37,000.Since more than one in four city dwellers is poor, all the visitor attention just exacerbates issues that already exist. If you’re considering visiting Niagara Falls, you might think about staying someplace else and merely seeing the tourist areas of the city. The more quickly you leave, the better.

3 – Binghamton



The average household income in Binghamton is the greatest of any city on this list, but so is the incidence of violent crime. It’s four and a half times higher than the national average, which is probably due to the city’s extreme economic disparity. Despite having an average income of just over $53,000, the city’s poverty rate is slightly under one in three.

According to the crime figures, that rate is over 20 percentage points higher than the US average. Even while that hasn’t yet resulted in increased murder rates, it’s not unreasonable to believe that figure will increase over the coming years.

 4 – Schenectady

Schenectady, New York, jumped from being the 11th to the 4th most dangerous city in the state, one of the most significant shifts in rankings from the previous year. Yikes! If you dwell in Schenectady, which has more than 66,000 people, you have a 5% risk of becoming a victim of property crime. While the population of the city should undoubtedly be taken into account, you need also be aware of the high level of violent crime in Schenectady.

5 – Rochester

Look no further than Rochester, New York, if you’re seeking the state’s murder capital. By the start of December 2021, there had been 79 murders, making it the worst year ever. There doesn’t appear to be any hope of relief either. Local government officials have appealed for assistance to the public, but thus far without success.

Although the violent crime rate is double the national average, it is still far lower than the rates in the majority of the other cities on this list. When violent crime does occur, the issue is that it often escalates to murder. Rochester will continue to rank among the most dangerous cities in New York unless it can find a method to reduce the number of killings that take place there each year.

6 – Watertown

Although Watertown, New York is a little too tiny to be considered a “city,” the crime data justifies its inclusion on this list. Even though the typical family income in the area is above $53,000, the violent crime rate is about twice as high as the national average.

Though not as high as some of the larger cities higher up this list, the murder rate is nevertheless rather high there. When it comes to crime, Watertown, New York, is a typical city setting. There are places with high incomes and incredibly low crime rates, and there are places with lower incomes with a skyrocketing crime. The division in this little community is pronounced, so if you’re considering moving there, it’s definitely better to get in touch with a local to find out when and when it’s safe to go outside.

8 – Johnson City

Another city that experienced a drop in crime was Johnson City, which dropped three positions from the previous year when it was listed as the sixth most dangerous city in New York State. Johnson City is the smallest city to make the Top 10, with 4,133 property crimes per 100,000 population, ranking it as the third most hazardous city in New York for property crimes. Friends in Broome County, be careful.

7 – Albany

Although Albany, New York, may not receive the same media attention as other of the most hazardous places in the nation, the statistics don’t look good. With 16 murders per 100,000 people, the violent crime rate is remarkable in addition to being high. One of the most dangerous cities in the nation, it has a violent crime rate that is more than 22 times higher than the national average.

Despite this, the poverty rate and median household income are surprisingly high given the high level of violent crime. Although the poverty rate is still on the lower end of this list, it is still roughly 10 percentage points higher than the national average. The typical household income is almost $10,000 greater than in many other cities, which reflects this.

However, Albany is a story of two cities in many respects. There are high-income regions that are generally safe, and there are places plagued by poverty where crime is rampant.

9 – Utica

This city isn’t always a paradise just because it’s the last on the list. Despite being the lowest on our list, the violent crime rate is still 1.5 times higher than the national average. Even if two murders per 100,000 people is not the greatest rate, it is still greater than we’d want. Utica yet feels like a place that, with a few tweaks, might slink its way off this list. Because of the city’s size, the issues aren’t totally insurmountable.

Just under 30% of the population lives in poverty, which is too high. However, by attracting a few more businesses or well-paying employment, the city may be able to turn things around. We don’t know if that’s imminent, but if a potential employer is considering relocating there, there are far worse places to pick from! 

10 – Syracuse

A major city in New York called Syracuse has an astonishingly high murder rate. There’s a considerable likelihood that you’ll run into a victim while you’re there, with a victim rate of 22.14 per 100,000 people. While violent crime is relatively rare, the murder rate is quite high. Even though it’s still higher than the national average, it ranks low on this list[1].

The issue is that there is a high probability that a violent crime you are a victim of in a metropolis will be murder. The city’s poverty rates are another problem. It is not surprising that crime is on the rise given that 31% of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2021, violent crime is on the rise in most cities, and it doesn’t seem like things will get better any time soon.

How to Stay Safe in New York?

Even if it may feel like crime is on the rise everywhere, this does not mean you have to accept the possibility that it may affect you. Here are five strategies you may use to lessen the likelihood that you’ll become a victim of violent crime.

  •   Keep to crowded, well-lit locations.
  •   Don’t leave the house after dark.
  •   Keep valuables out of sight.
  •   Use theft-resistant pockets.
  •   Make a vacation plan.

The act of conducting extensive study before relocating is not mentioned on this list. Even if you’re moving to a place with a high crime rate, you may research the most dangerous neighborhoods to stay away from. 


It might be challenging to keep track of the actual crime issue regions in New York given the number of cities that will have growing crime rates in 2021. You might be shocked to learn that New York City, the state’s capital, didn’t make the cut. When it comes to crime, moving to or visiting the Big Apple is a good idea because it’s really one of the safest cities in the nation!

 A hazardous city is not where anyone wants to live. You must, however, be aware of their whereabouts in order to avoid them. The nine most hazardous cities in New York are feature below, and the findings may surprise you. We tried to use historical data and tie it in with trends, however, our conclusions mostly focused on the murder and violent crime rates. If a region’s crime rate is rising annually, it was given a boost; nevertheless, if it is down, it drop a little bit down the list.

Things are Shaping Up… For Some Places

Although it’s unlikely that anybody would describe New York City as anything other than very hazardous. As our rating demonstrates, the city is no longer the center of crime. In actuality, it ranked No. 41. Don’t panic, though, if your location made our list. They only need a little tidying up; that doesn’t mean they aren’t still nice locations to live. Get in contact with us if you wish to relocate somewhere a bit safer in the meantime, and we’ll take care of the job for you. Be careful out there!


  1. Which New York City has the highest death rate?

NY Buffalo, New York. Buffalo, which moved one rank up the list from the previous year. Has the unfortunate distinction of being the most deadly city in 2022. Buffalo has the highest crime rate in the nation with 1,042 violent offenses per 100,000 population.

  1. Where in New York is the murder capital?

NY Rochester Look no further than Rochester, New York if you’re seeking the state’s murder capital. By the start of December 2021, there had been 79 murders, making it the worst year ever.

  1. Which city has the most crime?

 Top ten most hazardous American cities according to violent crimes:

  •   Missouri’s St. Louis
  •   Tennessee’s Memphis. 657,936 people live there
  •   Illinois’ Rockford. the number 148,178
  •   Maryland’s Baltimore. 621, 252 people
  •   Michigan’s Detroit. 673,225 people live there
  •   Missouri’s Kansas City. There are 473,373 people
  •   Wisconsin’s Milwaukee 
  •   Arkansas’s Little Rock


[1] Dan Bhal,26 July,2022, Dangerous Cities in New York, Ranked by the FBI by ESPA[]

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