Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winners Announced

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winners 

It is not a drill; Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winners are announced. 

In a display of sheer gastronomic prowess, the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has once again captivated audiences with its jaw-dropping eating feats. The 2023 edition of this iconic event took place on July 4th at the famous Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York

As the nation celebrated Independence Day, spectators gathered to witness the triumphs and records broken by the world’s most competitive eaters.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2023

This year’s contest was an unforgettable showdown, with veteran contenders and rising stars vying for the coveted title. The event, a tradition since 1916, has grown in popularity and has become a staple of American culture, drawing participants and spectators from across the country.

The contest consisted of a grueling 10-minute battle to consume as many hot dogs and buns as possible. The competitors showcased an extraordinary combination of speed, endurance, and a seemingly endless appetite. As the clock ticked down, jaws worked in a frenzy, hot dog after hot dog disappearing into the mouths of the contestants.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Day

Furthermore, this year’s eating contest was a rather thrilling experience for the contestants and the audience. It ended up being two hours delayed due to the weather conditions in NYC. 

Hence, on Tuesday Morning, the competition host announced the cancellation of the men’s division by the NYPD due to intense lighting. A lightning bolt struck Broadway and sent two people to the hospital.  

Host George Shea said the city and NYPD told him to cancel the event. Still, Nathan’s said it was a weather delay and rescheduled the event for the afternoon.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winners

Now, let’s talk about Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest winners

For males, we have the famous Chestnut. However, for females, it was Miki Sudo.  

This year, Chestnut ate 62 hot dogs to win for the 16th time. However, it is far from his 2021 record for eating 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

However, Before the short delay, Miki Sudo defended her championship title by eating 39 and a half hot dogs.

Though, she thought she ate only 36 hot dogs. But it turns out that she ate 39 and a half. She ate so fast that they could not count it correctly. 

Moreover, she is undoubtedly a top female champion with nine titles. Just 37 years old, from Port Richey, she holds a world record for eating 6 hot dogs in a minute. 

Hence, we are looking at a relatively competitive champion. 

Other Runners Up

Furthermore, other than the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winners, we have some runners-up on the list. 

In the women’s division, Mayoi Ebihara came in second place with 33 hot dogs eaten. Moreover, Michelle Lesco finished in third place. She did it with 24 and fourth hot dogs eaten.

However, for the men’s division, Geoffrey Esper scored second with 49 hot dogs. Lastly, third place went to James Webb with 47 hot dogs. 

So, these are also names to remember for future battles. 


Hence, As the crowd disperses and the cheers subside, the winners bask in their glory. They have proven their mettle on the grandest stage, securing their place in the lore of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. With the conclusion of this year’s event, fans eagerly await next year’s edition, where new legends will be born, and records will be shattered once again. Until then, we salute the remarkable achievements of Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, and all the participants participating in this iconic gastronomic spectacle.


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