Tropical Cyclone Warning Services and Watches

Tropical Cyclone Warning Services

We all know that extreme global warming is changing the climate pattern. Unfortunately, you live where tropical storms occur more often, and this climate change has made your life more miserable. You never know when a tropical hurricane can hit your area and cause massive destruction. Don’t you think it’s unfair not to get to know the tropical cyclone warnings beforehand? Yes, it is so. Keep reading this to get detailed information about cyclone warning services and watches.

Suppose we think of the most intense form of storms on earth. Tropical cyclone name also pops up in our mind. They are known as typhoons and occurs in the pacific and Indian ocean. They appear in the form of tropics. In simple words, a tropical cyclone occurs when low pressure is created by the warm air near the equator quickly. Then that warm air starts spinning at high speed where low pressure is found. 

what to do when a cyclone occurs?

Besides, do you know what to do when a cyclone occurs? When tropical storm warning services or watches are generated, you have all the precautions to take firsthand! If your answer is maybe I know some of them but not all, stick tight with us. 

We will give you all the critical information on what all tropical cyclone warnings and watches mean.

Furthermore, how can you prepare to cope with the tropical cyclone season? 

Types of cyclones

First comes a complete understanding of which type of cyclone will hit your residential area. When you know which hurricane will hit. You will take the precaution according to that. Let’s first have a complete understanding of the types of cyclones. There are four types of different cyclones.

what is cyclones
what is cyclones

First comes the tropical depression. This cyclone sustains the winds near 38mhp or less. Second, comes the tropical storm, with maximum current sustains of 39-73mhp. 

Thirdly comes the most famous hurricane. A hurricane has more significant winds than can be a dangerous tropical cyclone as its holds more tremendous wind potential. That causes massive destruction. If a storm of this type comes, take strict precautions beforehand. 

Lastly comes the major hurricane, which has a wind potential of more than 11mhp. It has other types of hurricanes too. If a hurricane of more than 73mhp can cause massive destruction. Major hurricane can bring more terrible to you? It has more strong wind potential.

So, make sure to be aware first which type of tropical cyclone is coming. After getting the authentic information start preparing for the cyclone.{1}      

Cyclone warning versus watches 

Now you have a complete idea of which types of cyclones exist. You have got the New York news of what kind of cyclone is going to hit. It’s time to understand the difference between a tropical cyclone warning and a watch.  

We know that tropical storms destroy people, buildings, and surrounding structures. The most important thing here you should know is the difference between a cyclone warning and a watch. As you live where tropical cyclones are most likely to occur, you must understand and prepare. 

Tropical Cyclone Warning

A tropical cyclone warning is issued, and the cyclone must hit in 24 hours.

On the other hand, a tropical watch may arrive within 48 hours. Usually, a look indicates the cyclone’s presence within a specific time frame. After, every 6 hours alert is given about the cyclone watch until it disappears.

Furthermore, if there is a high frequency of tropical storms occurring every 3 hours alert is given. National weather forecasting bodies issued tropical cyclone warnings and issues to provide increased attention to coastal areas at risk from the impending arrival of a tropical storm. In general, these threats aim to protect life and property.

Moreover, these warnings and watches should not be neglected by the residents. If these warnings are not taken seriously by the residents, it can cause them real danger.

What Details are included in the warning and watches?

The information about tropical cyclone warnings and watches depends on where you live. It also depends on what type of tropical cyclone is going to happen. If the intense form of cyclone alarms is given, it is better to relocate as soon as possible. Although the tropical storm is not that fierce, you must prepare your home and yourself. Here is what you need to do to minimize the risk of damage. Stay updated with the headlines on TV, radio, or other social media platforms.

warning and watches
warning and watches

The headlines will keep you updated when a cyclone can hit your area. It will also provide information on how much intensity it can have on a scale of 1 to 15. It will also keep you updated on how maximum wind potential can occur. The wind potential makes you aware of the damage it can cause to your home and your life.

Moreover, It will also keep you updated on when and where the next tropical watch and warning will arise. You should also keep track of the map that will let you know how close you are to a cyclone. The map will also help you to determine how close you are to the tropical cyclone destructive area. Storm trackers devices can also be beneficial during a tropical cyclone.

Tropical cyclone season

You have a complete idea of what information is provided during cyclone warnings and watches. You are aware that tropical cyclone season is now here. It’s time to start checking some things before a cyclone season hits your area. 

The First and most important thing you need to do is to check through your local building authority that your house structure is capable enough to face the tropical cyclone. If you come to know that the house structure is not strong enough, you need to relocate as soon as possible.

Suppose you get assured that your house can face a destructive cyclone with little prevention. Immediately, start checking the list of that precautions and safety measures. Ensure that your house’s walls, roof, and eaves are secure. If long trees surround your home, do not forget to trim the treetops.

House class with Metal Sheets

Furthermore, protect your house class with metal sheets as high-speed winds are expected during the tropical cyclone. Metal sheets will help protect you from any terrible when strong winds hit.

Suppose you find any loose material in your household that can blow your house. Make sure to get rid of that materials for your safety.

Plus, there is a high chance that a tropical cyclone can bring floods. Keep in mind a safe, high-ground place where you can rush if a flood indicates.{2}

Right Strategies during a cyclone watch

You have a complete idea of what a cyclone watch can do, where it is, and where it leads as you get information from the headlines and high alerts from the national weather forecast. You can say that a tropical cyclone watch gives you time to adopt the right strategies at the right time to protect your family. During the wet season, make it a habit to prepare the right plan to cope with the tropical cyclone season.

In the mindset of a storm, you must have enough fuel and water to last a day. You should secure the items most likely to get affected by the wind. Keep in mind for all the family members to warm them before going to any place where the government has restrictions. The children in your home must be instructed to stay away from the windows and balconies.

Additionally, keep yourself updated with new information about cyclones. If it’s possible for you, you can make sandbags where food is predicted. Do not forget to move precious items to the higher floor level. Make sure to charge the necessary portable devices. Also, keep high stock of essential medicines with the food.

Lastly, you should have a list of emergency numbers and ensure a first aid kit is available. Your chance to get ready is during the cyclone watch notice. Use it to the fullest.

It must do when a cyclone warning issues

As we know, a warning means giving an alert if something destructive happens. In simple words, it’s time to take actual action. Therefore, the following measurable warning services should be taken when cyclones hit your area.

The first and most important thing is don’t panic and trust your instincts. Then, keep yourself updated about the tropical storm warnings.

Afterward, prepare to cope with the cyclone, tape up all the windows, and secure doors. The most thing you will need is tropical waterproof clothes and warm blankets. Ensure to have insulin in your first aid box. Besides protecting your family in your home until the tropical cyclone leaves. It would help if you also protect your vehicles and outdoor furniture.

Moreover, you may be unable to predict what other precautions should be taken until the cyclone hits. There are high chances that your local services will evacuate you. If that’s not the case, you may relocate to the safest place until the necessary services are provided.

The safest place to hide during a tropical cyclone is the bathroom and hallway, and it is advised to stay away from windows. 

Using a tropical cyclone forecast map

Using a tropical cyclone forecast map
Using a tropical cyclone forecast map

You have read above about the warning, watch safety measures. One more effective technique is to use a tropical cyclone forecast track map. When indications are given that cyclones are formed, they are expect to come soon. Immediately, low cyclone forecast track maps are produce.

Watch and Warning zone

These maps help you to provide vital information about the cyclone’s intensity, movements, and the watch and warning zone. This map allows you to make quicker and better decisions to protect yourself and your family before and after the cyclone. Tropical cyclone advice and forecast maps are issued at the same time.

The first step is tracking the map for your location to check if you are in a watch or warning area. You can quickly check your area’s relationship with tropical cyclones. Note that you are still in danger if you are not in the range of the cyclone track.

The warning area, as we know, is where the expected winds will occur within 24 hours. The dark orange shading highlights the warnings on the map.

In contrast, the watch area that can be expect to come within the next 48 hours is shown by light orange color on the map. 

Map is keeping track

The next step comes reading on the map is keeping track by following the blank line and arrows. It shows where the current cyclone is, how much intensity it has, and where it is heading towards. Numbers on the maps indicate the power of the cyclones.

The higher the number, the most robust the tropical cyclone will have. The category 5 number shows the most intense form of a cyclone.

On the other hand, the colored circles on the map indicate the radius of the destructive core. It also shows the size of the gale-force winds. {3}

When a tropical cyclone hits  

You have a complete idea of what a cyclone is and what kind of dangers it can cause you. You are now aware of all the insights of tropical cyclone watches and services. For more safety for your family, you also use tropical forecast maps with our safety measures.

Now, a tropical cyclone has knocked your residential area. It is time to follow all the safety measures mentioned above. The firsthand thing is to disconnect all the electrical appliances. It’s a sure thing you need to get updates when the tropical cyclone is going to end. For all the critical updates, use the radio.     

Solid Material

Moreover, you don’t need to leave your shelter until instructions are given. Ensure you have protection under the most substantial part of your house structure. Keep with you all the essential medication and food. Unfortunately, if your house building starts to break, protect yourself with a mattress. You can also protect yourself under the tables or some other solid material.

Plus, be aware of the calm eye. If the speed of the winds has slowed, it does not mean the cyclone is over. It can resume soon, even with the strong wind potential. If, in case of some emergency, you are driving a vehicle. Immediately stop and keep your car away from the sea and trees. Stay in the vehicle.  

When the tropical cyclone stops

Finally, the tropical cyclone stopped. You have successfully survived the tropical cyclone season. Now you need to follow a little more instructions to stay safe.

Stay inside your shelter until it is advise to come out by your local authority security system.

Moreover, don’t start using wet electrical devices. You must observe if there is a gas leakage. Don’t stop listening to the radio for official warnings and watches if you need to relocate due to some emergency. Use only the advised routes by national security. Stay away from all the damaged power lines and flood sites.{4}

Don’t make unnecessary phone calls; keep checking on your neighbors. Heed all warnings and watches seriously; even the tropical cyclone seems to stop.

The Crux

Finally, if a Tropical cyclone has occurred, don’t leave your safe places until authorities allow you to do so. Electronic devices, like mobile phone usage, should seldom be. They should only be use when essential updates are require for your safety. Keep using the tropical forecast map and radio for all the updates. 

Keep in mind if you observe a decrease in the wind, it might be a sign that the cyclone’s eye is passing nearby. It doesn’t mean the tropical storm is over, and you are good to go. You never know when the wind speed will increase.

Furthermore, never forget that preparation beforehand and common sense is the key. By following the tips outlined here, you will be prepare for the next cyclone without getting panic.


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