The Ultimate List of Scholarships for Students in New York City

Scholarships for Students in New York City

Are you a students in New York City who could use some financial assistance for college? Look no further! We have compiled the ultimate list of scholarships available specifically for NYC students. From academic merit to financial need and even creative talents, there are scholarships out there waiting for YOU. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to ease the burden of college expenses – check out our comprehensive guide today!

What are the criteria for each scholarship?

The criteria for each scholarship vary from program to program. Generally, it includes financial needs, academic achievement, and community involvement.

Here are some examples for Elaboration:

Students in New York City

The criteria for the Scholarship for Excellence in Math and Science:

  • Based mainly on academic performance in these subjects.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in math and science courses.
  • Students must be planning to pursue a career in one of these fields.


The Community Service Scholarships

  • Students who have demonstrated a commitment to giving back to their communities
  • Services like volunteering, leadership roles, or other community involvement activities are encouraged.
  • Students must submit an essay describing their experiences and why they deserve the scholarship.


The Financial Need-Based Scholarship:

  •  Students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  • Students must submit a copy of their FAFSA form and their scholarship application.

How to apply for each Scholarship?

Once you have found a list of scholarships you may be eligible for, the next step is applying for each. The process of applying for a scholarship can vary. It largely depends on the scholarship and the organization offering the scholarship. 

However, there are some common steps that you will need to follow to apply for a scholarship.

  • The first step is to gather all of the required materials. This can include transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and other required documents. Once you have all the required materials, you must fill out an application form. This form will ask questions about your personal information, academic background, and financial need.
  • After completing the application form, you will need to submit it along with all the required materials. Make sure that you submit everything before the deadline so that your application can be considered.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by the organization offering the scholarship. You will then need to follow their instructions on how to claim your award and use it towards your education expenses.

The benefits of each scholarship


There are several scholarships available to students in New York City. Each comes with its own benefits, such as:

  • The Excelsior Scholarship provides free tuition for students attending public colleges and universities in New York State.
  • The Posse Foundation provides full-tuition scholarships for students who attend one of their partner colleges or universities. Posse also offers several support services to help scholars succeed in college and beyond.
  • The Robin Hood Foundation provides need-based scholarships to students attending private colleges and universities in New York City. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic merit, and community service.
  • The Stokes Educational Leadership Fund provides need-based scholarships for students pursuing careers in education. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic merit, and commitment to working in underserved communities.


Best practices for students when it comes to scholarships


There are a few best practices that students should remember when it comes to scholarships. 

  • Firstly, students should start the scholarship search early. The earlier you start searching, the more time you will have to find and apply for scholarships. 
  • Secondly, students should meet all eligibility requirements before applying for a scholarship. This includes having a minimum GPA, being of a certain age or level of study, and sometimes being a resident of New York City.
  •  Lastly, students should make sure to follow all instructions on the application carefully. This includes filling out the application completely and correctly and submitting any required materials, such as essays or transcripts. 

By following these best practices, students will improve their chances of winning scholarships and being able to afford their education.


Scholarships for High School Students

High school students in New York City have a variety of scholarships available to them. There are scholarships for students who excel academically, athletically, and artistically. Scholarships are also available for students from specific backgrounds or interests.

Some of the most popular scholarships for high school students in New York City include:

  • Merit Scholarship, 
  • the Athletic Scholarship, 
  • the Artistic Scholarship,
  •  the Legacy Scholarship. 

Other popular scholarships for high school students in New York City include:

  •  The Diversity Scholarship, 
  • The Leadership Scholarship, 
  • and the Service Scholarship. 


All of these follow specific standardised criteria. Whatever you fall into, you must apply straight away. 

Scholarships for College Students

The cost of college is a significant barrier to entry for many students, especially those from low-income families. Several scholarships are available to help make college more affordable. 

Here are just a few of the scholarships available to college students in New York City:

  • The Excelsior Scholarship: This program provides free tuition for eligible students at SUNY and CUNY colleges. To be eligible, students must meet specific income requirements and be enrolled in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program.
  • The NYC Housing Authority Scholarship Program: This program provides up to $40,000 in scholarship money for NYC residents enrolled in an accredited college or university. To be eligible, students must complete the FAFSA and have a family income that falls within the NYCHA guidelines.
  • The Pelagie M. Greenfield Scholarship Fund: This scholarship provides up to $5,000 per year for African-American women enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible.

Applying for scholarships can seem daunting, but with time and effort, it can pay off big time! Be sure to search for scholarships you may be eligible for, and don’t forget to apply early – many scholarships have deadlines that come up quickly!


Scholarships for Graduate Students

There are many scholarships for graduate students in New York City. 

Some of the most popular scholarships include the Ford Foundation Fellowship, the Fulbright Scholarship, and the Rhodes Scholarship.

The Ford Foundation Fellowship is a prestigious scholarship that provides funding for graduate students pursuing a career in public service. 

The Fulbright Scholarship is another highly competitive scholarship funding graduate students who want to study abroad. 

The Rhodes Scholarship is highly competitive for graduate students who want to study at the University of Oxford in England.

Other popular scholarships for graduate students in New York City include:

  •  The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Fellowship,
  •  The Marshall Scholarship, 
  •  The Truman Scholarship. 

These scholarships provide funding for graduate students pursuing a career in public service, education, or research.


Scholarships for Adult Learners

Many scholarships are available for adult learners who wish to pursue their education. The government offers some of these scholarships, while private organizations offer others.

These are as follows:

 Federal Pell Grant:

This grant is offered to students who demonstrate financial need and have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree. The grant amount varies depending on the student’s financial situation, but it can be up to $5,920 annually.

New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP):

This program grants up to $5,165 per year to eligible students enrolled in an undergraduate or vocational program at a participating school. To be eligible for TAP, students must be residents of New York State and must demonstrate financial need.


The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR): 

ACCES-VR provides services and support to individuals with disabilities to reach their employment goals. For more information about ACCES-VR and its services, visit their website or contact your local office.


Tips for Winning a Scholarship

  1. Start with your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities. These are the most critical factors in determining whether or not you’ll be awarded a scholarship.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to start applying for scholarships. The sooner you start, the better your chances of winning.
  3. make sure to follow all instructions when applying for scholarships. Oftentimes, students make careless mistakes that cost them their chance at winning.
  4. Keep your essay personal and unique to you. A panel of judges reads many scholarship essays, so it’s essential to stand out from the other applicants.
  5. When in doubt, ask for help! There are plenty of resources available to help you navigate the scholarship process. Don’t be afraid to reach out for assistance if you need it.



Scholarships are an incredible way to help offset the ever-increasing costs of higher education. Undoubtedly, they provide much-needed financial assistance, but they also offer something else: a chance to fulfil one’s dreams and aspirations. 

With this list of scholarships for students in New York City, you can easily explore all the potential opportunities available to fund your educational journey. So don’t waste more time – apply now and make those dreams come true!


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