With temperature swings & unbudgeable storms, New York stays in the northeast

Global warming has changed the weather of the whole world. New York weather has also changed in extreme form. The prediction shows that New York City could get as little as 20 inches of snow in 2023.t will not be wrong to say that global warming affects every other corner of the world. It has a huge impact on the living styles of people. 

Moreover, it has made it difficult for people to cope immediately with this climate change. Many new challenges have emerged due to global warming and climate change. Now, people are facing challenges and difficulties that were not present in the past dealing with them requires new skills. We can take the example of New York; now, extreme swings and unbridgeable storms are predicted. To cope being the New York northwest, the government and the people must develop new strategies, precautions, and techniques to deal with the upcoming challenges.

Furthermore, if we talk about southern England has seen a ring of heavy snow resulting from the massive coastal snow. It has buried entire communities up to two feet deep. It is part of the incredible string of historical storms that have recently affected the northwest. If you try to find out why it is happening, the likely reason that comes forward is human-induced climate change.

According to the statement of Dartmouth College professor Justin Mankin, an expert in climate change and variability, Extreme snowstorms, especially in the face of the long-term declines in winter snow, are completely consistent with the impacts of global warming. Moreover, he mentioned that storms like these are reminders that we must improve how we manage their hazards in the present to strengthen our resilience in the future.

Climate change’s effects on New York

The recent storm in Boston, with an accumulation of 23.6 inches, an all-time calendar day snowfall record, dates back to 1936. That high snowfall has become increasingly frequent in the recent decade: 15 of the 30 greatest single-day snowfalls have happened since 2000. 

Moreover, the residents of Massachusetts miserably clear away after the bomb cyclone storm. If we talk about Islip, only 2.0 inches separate the Islip location of the national weather service that serves the New York fog and the neighboring countries. They have set new records for snowfall in a single day. According to the data gathered since 1963,  four of the five greatest 24-hour snow storms at the Islip station, have occurred in 2010, and the fifth occurred in  2006.

Furthermore, the New York City climate week wraps up, news all day pointing out the issue the city is facing and what precautions can be taken to protect the city. What precautions can be taken to address the looming crisis? Every other resident of New York City is talking about this issue and how to cope as extreme snowfall storms have made their lives miserable. Their everyday lives are affected greatly. They cannot survive properly in these extreme snowfall storms and unpredictable climate changes. When they get to work, they must remove huge amounts of ice gathered in their cars and houses. They can’t even drive their cars to work as they get frozen, making it difficult to drive them to work. Moreover, you can’t call the trugs that remove the huge ice in front of the houses if you have poor financial conditions. It makes life more miserable for people already struggling with financial issues. 

However, people with strong financial backgrounds can call the trucks to remove the huge amount of ice, making it easier for them to survive. Moreover, if the water is frozen, you have to ensure that your house is warm enough so that this snowfall will not affect you. You can use different heaters like electric or gas ones. Plus, you can also use coals. They are the best ones to keep you and your house warm. Moving on, to protect themselves from getting any kind of harm from this extremely cold weather, New York residents must increase their intake of the things that can keep their bodies warm.

The Denial Zarrilli statements on New York climate change

Denial Zarrilli, special advisor on climate change and sustainability at Colombia university, joins new every day. The daily purpose of joining the news is to discuss New York City’s climate change. Additionally, Zarrilli was recently the chief of the climate policy advisor for former mayor bill de Blasio.

According to him, the science is clear. Humans are responsible for these temperature swings and unbudgeable storms. He also mentioned that it’s not too late to fix things, although we are responsible for causing all the mess. But indeed, we must also dig out the solutions or work forward on the ones we already know exist. Additionally, he mentioned that we could fix things by slashing our emotions. We can control the emissions of harmful chemicals by industry causing global warming. By controlling the emissions of harmful chemicals, we will be able to adapt and provide justice for those on the front line.  By controlling the emissions, we can say that humanity is suffering today from extreme weather changes. 

Moreover, he also pointed out that New York City has already established itself as a leader by investing in and protecting New York the temperature swings and unpredictable storms.  New York residents are more protected than the IDA and Sandy.

Further, he also thanked the infraction reduction act, which will help as a groundswell if additional action is needed to combat climate change. 

Additionally, Zarrilli mentioned that electric vehicles are used more than vehicles that consume fossil fuel extraction. So, New York residents should start using electric vehicles instead of vehicles that use fossil fuels as fossil Fuels cause massive environmental effects and harm. It is also one of the reasons that contribute to global warming. Cutting down the usage of the cars that use fossil fuels will help control global warming. He implores the New Yorkers to Abington the use of fossil fuels.

Lastly, he mentioned that the people who vote for the candidates who will prioritize solving the climate change issue are the most crucial action people can take, according to Zarrilli.

Cohen’s statement about climate change

As the arctic is warming twice as fast as other parts of the world, these polar outbreaks are possibly bringing more frequent and potentially more snow storms and temperature swings. Most in the northeast United States, the mare is affected mostly by snow storms. Furthermore, many scientists agree that polar vortex disruptions are often associated with the severe northwest winter.

Cohen further stated the link between anthropogenic climate change to these disruptions. If we talk about ocean warming is less contentious. Its bitter reality is that the heat content in oceans worldwide is increasing, contributing to global warming and climate change. Unfortunately, the gulf of Maine takes one of the top sports. It is warming faster than 96 percent of the world’s oceans. It is hugely impacting its role in global warming and climate change.  That’s how the temperature swings and unpredictable snow storms.

Suppose we discuss how a combination of favorable meteorological conditions and a warmer Atlantic drove the blizzard. According to Mankin, the latter is the signature of global warming and likely intensified the storm above and beyond what it would have been.

As sea surface temperatures warm, the air above the sky becomes hotter. That warmer air allows more water to enter the Vapor phase in the atmosphere. That ultimately results in winter storms and increased snowfall.  Moreover, according to Jenifer Francis, it is counterintuitive to see heavier snowfalls in a warming climate. In one mail, he also wrote that warming comes with increased water vapors in the atmosphere to fuel storms with moisture and energy.

Moreover, she also stated that the warming oceans are also responsible for energizing the storms responsible for Northeast snow. As the ocean cools down more slowly than land, outbreaks of cold air, which induce the gradient scab, set up more hot air-cold clashes and help strengthen storms. Francis wrote that the most apparent than along the US Atlantic coast, where usually warm rates collided with arctic air masses, creating the ideal conditions for the powerful nor Easter.

Final thoughts

If we conclude, global warming and climate change is the main reason behind the temperature swings and unpredictable snow storms. The only thing you can do is not matter whether you are a citizen of New York, the first and most important thing you can do is reduce the emission of fossil fuels. Being human and sincere citizens can be a big contribution you can make to save the earth from global warming and its extreme effects.

As global warming is now hunting everyone, it can still be fixed, and necessary precautions can be taken to protect more global warming and its effect on humans. Additionally, it’s an undeniable fact that temperature swings and snowstorms are happening. You can take some precautions to cope while living in New York. You can wear more warm clothes and foods that can keep your body warm. Plus, you use trucks that can help you remove the snow in front of the houses. At last, everyone should adopt precautions to stop global warming and protect everyone.

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