Yankees Could See an Influx of Arms for the Bullpen

In the final two weeks, the Yankees could see an inflow of bullpen arms. During the last two games of the season, the Yankees will experience something or another: They’ll bolster their battered bullpen with some highly talented arms.

Severino and Loaisiga took significant steps ahead at Stadium in regards to forging a late-season comeback. Severino pitched two “innings” of live extra innings. Loaisiga continued playing for the first game since suffering a right rotator cuff strain in September.

And who knows what might happen? Those three may be on-call well into October if the Yankees secure a wild-card spot and win the wild-card game.

Severino threw a live bullpen session, who has struggled with an injury and shoulder pain since Tommy John’s surgery. Except for a residential investment drive to right by Odor, Severino was a problematic pitcher to hit.

Before his two following injuries, the Yankees had initially been expected for Severino to return in the second half of the season.

The next stage for Severino might be relatively insignificant rehab assignments before a return to the Yankees’ relief. He has thrown in the bullpen 11 times in his professional life, all of them in 2016.

“Undoubtedly, we’re not going to build him up to start or something,” Boone explained. “If we can get him in a game in the next few days, we’ll see what the next step is. But, if all goes according to plan, I may see him joining us shortly.”

German, who has been out with elbow discomfort since July 31, is more used to pitching in relief, having done so 20 times, with three appearances in 2021. He might be back with the Yankees early next week if his recovery starts on Friday goes smoothly.

Although Loaisiga is not as near as the other two, the fact that he could begin a pitching program is encouraging. Jameson Taillon, who has a torn ankle tendon, is also hoping to return before the season finishes.
One more defeat from any of these, and 2021 will most likely be over.

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