New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens Odds and Betting Preview

New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens Odds

The New York Giants will look to continue their stunning 2022 season when they visit the Baltimore Ravens on Paramount+ on Sunday. New York has surprised everyone by opening the season 4-1 and is coming off a fourth-quarter comeback triumph over the Green Bay Packers. Brian Diboll’s club will be tested against John Harbaugh’s Ravens, who currently lead the AFC North at 3-2 and are going off a hard-fought 19-17 victory against the Cincinnati Bengals.

New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens 

The Giants are still one of the biggest surprises of the 2017 football season, but they cemented their place among the league’s best with a comeback victory over the Packers last week in London.

New York (4-1) will attempt another step forward when they welcome the Baltimore Ravens (3-2) at MetLife Stadium on Sunday in what promises to be another stern test of their character. Baltimore is also coming off a late victory, a 19-17 victory over Cincinnati last week.

The New York Giants rallied back from a 20-10 halftime disadvantage and steadily gained control of the game, finally winning 27-22. The victory improved the G-record Men’s to 4-1 and kept them tied for the first spot in the NFC East with Dallas and Philadelphia.

Running back Saquon Barkley had 106 yards from scrimmage (70 rushing’s, 36 catching), putting him in first place in the league with 676 yards. Barkley will attempt to record his third consecutive home game with more than 125 yards from scrimmage.

When did Ravens come to this game?

The Ravens defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 19-17 on Sunday night, trying to connect on a kick return as time expired for their third victory. They’ve also beaten the New England Patriots and the Jets while losing to the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Baltimore is fourth in the NFL regarding points per game (27.4). Lamar Jackson leads the NFL in running yards.

What is the Week 6 performance of the New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens?

New York Giants
New York Giants

After losing its first two one-score games of the season, Baltimore hung on to defeat Cincinnati. A divisional victory is always satisfying, but it’s even better when it propels you to first place.

The Giants’ strength appears to be winning close games. All five of New York’s plays have been decided by a single score, with the Giants winning four.

Unfortunately, despite their strong record, they remain third in the NFC East. Odds makers say the records are deceptive since the Ravens are firm favorites despite their lower record. Let’s take a closer look at the matchup.

Performance of the Ravens

Jackson has guided the offense to the league’s 11th-best net yards per attempt. On the ground, the Ravens have yet to find a replacement for his mobility. With 374 running yards, Jackson accounted for more than half of the Ravens’ total. Nobody other has more than 125. J.K. Dobbins has improved with each passing week but has yet to be given a full workload. The Ravens will continue to be without Reshod Bateman in obtaining weaponry. This places all of the onus on Mark Andrews and Devin DuVernay.

Andrews is up there with Travis Kelce as the NFL’s finest tight end. DuVernay has performed admirably, rising to PFF’s 15th-best receiver. Baltimore wants them to keep up their current pace since no other Ravens receiver has more than 60 yards receiving this season.

The Ravens’ defensive philosophy is “go big or go home.” Their gamble has resulted in a league-high 11 turnovers this season. This has haunted them, as they now allow the fourth most yards per drive and the tenth most points per drive. We’ll see how well this game plan works against the Giants, who have the fifth-fewest turnovers in the league.

Performance of the Giants

Regarding New York’s offense, one guy stands out: Sequin Barkley. This one-person offensive, like the Ravens’, is compelling. It’s unclear whether it’s because of new head coach Diboll’s scheme or Barkley simply being healthy, but Barkley is averaging 5.5 yards per run, a career-high, and 6.2 yards per target, second-best in his career. It will be challenging to maintain that pace, but the Giants will remain competitive if Barkley does.

The Giants are player a big vengeance game on defense. Wink Martindale, the defensive coordinator, will face the attack he coached against in practice for three years. Martindale’s blitz-heavy strategy and situational system have been the Giants’ defensive success stories. 

New York ranks sixth in terms of third-down conversion percentage and seventh in red-zone conversion percentage. We’ll see if his familiarity with the Ravens’ offense will help him or if the Ravens’ mastery of his strategy will hurt him.

What is the performance comparison of the Ravens and Giants during week 6?

With Martindale’s understanding of the Ravens, and notably Jackson, the Giant’s defense should have an advantage here. The Giant’s aggressive style makes it vulnerable to getting beaten on the backside. This season, Jackson has a blitz rating of 77.6, with seven touchdowns and one interception. The Ravens’ offensive appears to have the upper hand here.

In terms of yards per carry allowed, the Ravens are ranked 26th. It might be a massive issue against a team based on their running back. On the other hand, the Ravens have avoided this issue by pushing opponents to pass. Baltimore is second in the NFL with 16.4 points in the first half of each game. With 6.6 points each time in the first half, the Giants are ranked 28th.

Best Bets and Odds for Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants

Odds for Baltimore Ravens
Odds for Baltimore Ravens

The New York Giants (3W-2L) will meet the Baltimore Ravens (3W-2L) at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford on Sunday, October 16. Of course, every one of these teams will be looking to win, so keep that in mind while placing your bets and then tune in live at 1:00 PM ET!

Let’s look at how the Giants and Ravens have fared against each other in the past to get some background for this matchup. While these teams have only met once in recent years, the host club, the Giants, has fallen to their opponents.

Victories and losses of the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens recently had a mix of wins and defeats and now lead the AFC North. The Ravens defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 19-17 in their most recent game on Sunday, October 9. Does that augur well as they prepare for their game this week? The Ravens are averaging 213.4 yards per throw attempt and 5.38 yards each rush attempt. This season, the team’s turnover margin is -0.2, while their average possession time is 30:17.

Victories and losses of the New York Giants

The New York Giants have had a mixed bag of successes and setbacks recently, and they now sit third in the NFC East. The Giants defeated the Green Bay Packers 22-27 in their most recent appearance on Sunday, October 9, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. The Giants are averaging 171.8 yards per throw attempt and 5.45 yards for every rush attempt. The team’s turnover margin this season is 0.2, while their average possession time is 31:07.

Moneyline on the Ravens and Giants

Many football fans and odds makers believe the Baltimore Ravens to be the favorite. The club has a winning record of 60% going into the game. In comparison, the New York Giants have a winning rate of 60%.

The New York Giants averaged 20.6 points per game during the regular season. The Baltimore Ravens have 27.6 points. To cover, the Baltimore Ravens must win by at least the amount of the spread.

What are the predictions for Baltimore Ravens vs. New York?

It isn’t easy to assess either team. The Ravens had great expectations going into this season. While they looked terrific at times, they were pitiful at others.

The Giants have surprised with a 4-1 start. They did, however, demonstrate that they are severe competitors by defeating the Packers. A win here would establish their status as an NFC threat.

However, that is not a threat that will be fulfilled. Danny Dimes may be unable to keep up with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense.

Wo is the best pick New York Giants or Baltimore Ravens?

Except for the Cowboys game, New York has been excellent this season, exceeding expectations in almost every way. Against the Packers, the Giants gained 338 yards, 24 first downs, and had no turnovers. New York has yet to score more than 27 points this season, but their defense has been outstanding.

In the Bengals game, Baltimore wasn’t quite as enthralling as usual. The Ravens gained 325 yards total in that game, with 22 first downs and 5.3 yards per play. It will be difficult for Baltimore to find much running room in this battle, but it should be entertaining to watch. In Week 5, the Giants defeated the Packers, improving their season record to 4-1. However, injuries are increasing, and the Ravens will be another difficult opponent in Week 6. [1]

What are the best and worst of the Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants?

Last week, the Giants went three and out 37.5% of the time, ranking second in the NFL. The Ravens compelled three-and-outs on 33.3% of opponent belongings in Week 3, ranking seventh in the NFL.

The Giants scored 48.3% of their second-half drives this season, ranking third in the NFL. This season, Raven’s defense has allowed touchdowns on 48% of opponent possessions in the second half, ranking third in the NFL.

Since the 2021 season, the Giants have had the second-worst third-down conversion rate in the NFL, at 33.6%. Since the 2021 season, the Ravens’ defense has allowed a third-down conversion rate of only 28.9% in the first half, which is the best in the NFL.

This season, Ravens wide receivers have averaged just 108.4 yards per game, ranking second in the NFL. This season, the Giants have allowed 134.0 receiving yards per game to wide receivers, which ranks fourth in the NFL.

Since Week 2 of the 2021 season, Ravens wide receivers have averaged just 102.5 yards per game, ranking fourth in the NFL. Since Week 2, the Giants have allowed only 125.2 receiving yards per game, ranking fourth in the NFL.

Since the 2021 season, Ravens TEs have scored just 4.2 yards after the catch, which is the fourth-worst in the NFL. Since the 2021 season, the Giants have allowed only 3.9 yards after the catch per reception to tight ends, which ranks second in the NFL.


On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens host the New York Giants in a Week 6 NFL matchup (October 16). The Ravens are in New Jersey for the second time this season, but this is their first meeting with the Giants. 

The Giants have returned home following a week in London, where they defeated the Green Bay Packers and are moving to 4-1 on the season. It was a close game, but the Giants must be a contender in the National Football Conference.

Last week, the Packers scored 22 points against the Giants, the most New York defense allowed all season. That’s a remarkable accomplishment, but Jackson should be able to outdo it. Baltimore averages 28 points per game and could ultimately destroy New York’s defense.


Q.1: When did the Ravens defeat the Giants?

The Ravens defeated the Giants by 34-7, tying Super Bowl XXXVII for the third-biggest margin of victory. On January 28, 2001, the game was played.

Q.2: Where Can I Watch the Giants versus. Ravens Game?

The New York Giants will look to continue their stunning 2022 season when they visit the Baltimore Ravens on Paramount+ on Sunday.

Q.3: How many victories have the Giants ever had?

The club has won eight NFL titles, including four Super Bowls, in 96 full seasons. The Giants have won over 700 games and competed in 32 NFL playoffs.


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